Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Social Blogging Tip: No Links in the Comment Section!

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Here's a quick tip for your social blogging success on Bubblews:

Do not put any links in your comments. It is against the rules to try and solicit views, links, likes and or comments. If you place a link in the comment section on someone's post, it appears that you are trying to get them or other commenters to click on your link and this is prohibited. 

The best way to get noticed is to create blog posts of quality and to comment in ways that make people notice you. If you build your own personal platform of quality, the connections, the likes, the comments and the people will indeed come. I am living proof of that!

If you are ready to start earning from social blogging, start below:

Bookmark this resource for tips on how you can get started and succeed:

My last post gives a resource for making money from selling your old books online:

No excuses! Everyone can start earning money online!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Worst Thing You Can Do On Bubblews

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The absolute WORST thing you can do on Bubblews if you really want to start making some money is to copy online content. The character count requirement is so low that even a 4th or 5th grade English speaker could do it. For all International folks, the posts must be in English but it is really a low threshold (400 characters) for starting to make money online. It is a huge global community so there are many people all over the world using this portal to make money!

There are many members who are steadily reporting cheaters everyday (in addition to the admins deleting them) and one of the easiest things to check for is plagiarism. There are many tools online that will allow you to check and find the original source. (See below!)

Bubblews is a really easy site to learn and start earning some cash from so if you are interested in getting paid to write,  click here!

Interested in checking your content against online content, check this site below:

Many More Learning and Inspirational Tips Can Be Found Here:

My Short Reflection on My First Year of Bubblews:

5 Steps to Be a Better Bubbler:

Bubblews Mini-Tip 3:

What I Want to Be:

Just Kindness:

If you are ready to join me at Bubblews, you can read about social blogging and join here:

You can check out my profile, by clicking here!

Monday, April 21, 2014


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I just wanted to give an update on the wonderfully paying Bubblews as well as a tip as well. If you are new to this site, Bubblews is a site where you can write blog posts and get paid. You can write just about anything you want and start getting paid!

Bubblews is now taking a week, 7 days, for redemptions. The site continues to grow by leaps and bounds so getting a handle on all of the new accounts to check may be a huge task for the admin.

I wrote a post on the site called, How to Be a Better Bubbler." If one follows this advice, it may help you to get noticed and taken as a serious member who others will want to connect with and this action helps you to get more views, likes, comments and overall have more fun.

How To Be a Better Bubbler:

Need to Join so that you can start sharing ideas, thoughts and start earning money, click here:

The Ultimate (Unofficial) Newbie Resource:

How to Start Building Connections:

Friday, April 18, 2014

Who Can Resist Real People Getting Paid?


The first thing you need to do if you are serious about making extra money, side money, nest money or even "paying bills" money is to join this site. Why? It's free! It does not cost you a thing and you can start when you want and work when you want, even while watching tv or just chilling at home!

It's a survey site and it's one that has many ways for you to earn. Instead of complaining or wasting time, use that time to begin building and growing your income!

Here's the link: 

I have provided 5 reasons why you should join the site here:

Next, go and check out these real people who are getting paid!

Had lots of fun!:
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Monday, April 14, 2014

I Made $7.50 Quick and Easy Online: Each Buck Counts!

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Just found out I made $7.50 with not much effort. Now I know this amount doesn't sound like much but it all adds up and the effort is done in spare time so not taking away from my other activities or life.

How I did it?

Picked up a referral: Worth $5.00

I still promote the site because it is still paying and many people who have no form of or little income and regular folks are getting paid and creating income for themselves......little by little and I think that's awesome! I promote this site along with others that I believe in some I have variable promotions over social media that include Vindale.

People need opportunities that help them slowly rebuild their lives and show them that they can make money!

Periodically, I will go and look through the blog and enter the daily contest (one question) or the monthly newsletter contest question. Well I was one of the March newsletter winners so ka-ching, that was worth: $2.00 and I won one of the daily contests worth: 50 cents so that brings my grand total for less than 10 minutes of activity done in my spare time to $7.50.

There are many ways to earn with Vindale:
Free Surveys, Daily and Monthly Contests, Image Challenges, Paid Studies and much, much more....

Vindale is an awesome way to start creating a monthly income for yourself, starting from scratch.....

You control your destiny. There are regular people who are earning money every month and you can too!


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post Quality Content and Show Some Love

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Just posted an article over on Bubblews related to how to be a better bubbler, which in essence, means how to be a better community member.

Why is this important? The idea behind this particular social blogging platform is that you participate, interact and become part of their community. The members support each other by visiting, viewing, liking and commenting on their posts.

The keys to becoming a good (community) member are easy:

1) Post quality content: With such a low threshold required for content (400 characters), you want to make sure that what you do put up makes sense, is interesting (people will want to read it) and is your own original work.

2) Show some love: Connect with other quality members, like and leave great comments (don't follow the bad trend of copying and pasting generic comments around like "nice post" or "good work." Many people get very angry when they have just written about an emotionally devastating situation and then they see someone's comment that says, "Nice post." Clearly, the person did not read the post so why bother leave a comment.")

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Being a part of a community involves a give and take. If you combine posting and interacting (commenting and liking), you will get noticed. Follow/connect with great bubblers (you'll find them, they're hard not to notice).

Ready to Start Social Blogging, start here:

Then, browse the site and read the terms (found at the bottom left of the page)....

Resources that will help you get stronger:
The Ultimate (Unofficial) Newbie Guide:

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Community Member/Bubbler:

Do something today to start earning online, to build a daily writing habit, to watch yourself here and create something today!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Reasons to Join Vindale

Are you ready to start earning online?

This is your opportunity!

Join Today!
1. Free to Join!

2. Get paid twice a month (usually the 15th and the 30th)!

3. Consistent contests (daily, monthly, FB, Twitter)!

4. A variety of FREE studies (surveys) available daily!

5. Evaluations/offers are optional, NOT mandatory! They pay more but usually a credit card is required!

1. Support questions answered (via e-mail, twitter)

2. Blog plus Facebook plus Twitter = Good communication for members!

Click and Join Today!

The above Vindale image promotes their evaluations where you can earn $5 and up. However, I choose to complete the FREE $1 and up surveys that they call studies on their site!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Survey Sites = Easy Side Income

Start Earning Today! 

Surveys are an excellent way to make an additional side income in the comfort of your own home. Now, most people think that making money online is a scam and that's because they have never done it or they have fallen for "get rich schemes." 

Now there are a lot of those out there (both on and offline). The key is to do your due diligence, go online and do a bit of research and do not pay for things that promise you the world or a fortune and that you do not have any experience with or know nothing about. 

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You are not going to make $1000 or a $100 for that matter overnight for pressing a button or sending someone $29.95 for something that sounds too good to be true, guess what, it probably is. Stick with the free stuff and remember that just like with anything in life, there is usually some sort of learning curve, be willing to put in the time to earn.

Surveys on the right sites can be low-risk. There are only a few that I like and still promote since I have been working with them for over 4 years. The main one is Survey Savvy.  Look them up, they are a great company that I highly recommend.

The minimum payout is $1 and I have never seen a survey from them for less than that so that means that shortly thereafter, you will be able to request a check.

It is FREE to join, so your investment will be your time, energy and effort. 

It is always best to join under someone who can help you. If you have any issues, a good mentor can be a  God-Send and a great help. Many people will complain and say that it is hard or say that they cannot qualify. One, you have to DO the work and two, you may not qualify sometimes but this site will provide that information quickly. Surveys, just like anything else, is not the be-all, end-all--BUT you can make some money and I do so every month. If you want to learn how, I am here to help.

Ready to get started making money online, 


Friday, April 4, 2014

Bubblews Tip #4: Only 5 Likes Per Hour!

Bubblews Tip #4:

Only 5 Likes Per User Per Hour

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Not a member of Bubblews yet; join here and start earning for learning how to blog and post socially!

Looking for Bubblews tips, well here is a fairly new one. You can only "like" 5 of another users' posts per hour. Now, there is a pop-up that will alert you to this, so you do not have to worry about making this mistake. However, when many members see many bubblers liking many posts in the span of a few minutes, most assume that you are not really reading their posts and they may not take you seriously. Some people may mistake you for a spammer and you wouldn't want that!

To avoid all of this, just don't "like" too many in a short span of time.

My Bubblews tip/ advice/2 cents: Read a few of your connections' posts and then move to the next one. There are many posts to read, people to meet and enjoy....Don't get stuck!

Stop posting on Facebook and Twitter for free and start getting paid for social blogging here:

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and advice given on this site belong to me and is not affiliated with Bubblews admin or support. These are my personal feelings and opinions to help you to succeed on Bubblews.