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Earn Money Online for Free: (Quick) Cheat Sheet for Savvy and Vindale


Survey Savvy

-- Accepted Member Communities: Global.

-- Earning Opportunities: Surveys, Digital Tracking (USA) via SavvyConnect.

-- Surveys: Available on Site and are Sent Via E-Mail.

-- Referrals: Patented referral system that pays you when your referrals complete surveys AND when your referral's referrals complete surveys. It is NOT mandatory for you to refer to get paid.

-- $1 Cash-out Minimum.

--Payments: Paper checks sent to tour home.

--Join for FREE here

Beginning Steps

1) Join the site for free here:

2) Complete your registration and member portraits. (The more accurate and complete the better.)

3) Interested in making more, sign up for Savvy Connect, download the software and start earning for digital tracking.

4) Complete a survey, if available, or begin earning with the software.

Video Tutorial:


UPDATE 7/2017:
Vindale is still LEGIT and does pay; however I choose not to spend much time there, so it has become a slow payer for me because of the $50 payout threshold. 

-- Accepted Member Communities: USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

-- Earning Opportunities: Surveys, Daily Questions, Paid Polls, Various Contests (Photo, Captions....), Reward Codes, ...

-- Surveys: Available on Site and are Sent Via E-Mail.

-- Other Earnings: Member (Payment) Photos, Member of the Month, ...

-- Referral Program: Earn $5 per Active Referral (not mandatory, you do NOT have to refer to earn)

-- Payments: PayPal or Paper Check (sent to your home address)

-- Fully Accessible Blog: Resources for Earnings both onsite and on other sites.

-- Join for FREE here

Beginning Steps:

1) Take the leap and join (preferably with someone who is willing to help you):

2) Complete your profile fully. Vindale pays $2 for you to do this and it ensures that you get the surveys that match you (and your lifestyle).

3) Get your feet wet. Find a short and sweet survey/study to complete.

4) Visit the blog and explore. (That fabulous gold box)

5) Read through some of the daily questions and answers. Reading the answers will give you a sense of the types of answers that can earn you some money. Find a daily question or paid poll to complete. Usually, there are daily questions that you can earn from but the site is currently on winter break until the first of the year.

Video Tutorial:

Monday, December 21, 2015

Vindale Referrals: No Deadheads!

Photo Courtesy: Vlado*

Another question that I am constantly asked on Vindale is why I don’t lead with telling friends and prospectives about the $5 Referral program

The answer starts with my belief that you should know a site thoroughly before you start referring ANYONE to it.

The next thing is that you should be able to HELP anyone who joins you in any site. Ideally, you should learn the site yourself first and then start referring people confidently. If not, you probably will not be successful.

I have tons of people who join but never do anything. They're deadheads. They haven't taken the time to learn the site. They haven't even finished filling out their profile or doing anything on the site. I find that many people want to join and immediately go and get their referral link before doing anything on the site. This does not work and it will lead to very early frustration!

Let's be honest! Vindale is very clear about how they will credit a referral. They WILL NOT credit just anybody who joins the site using your link. The person has to be genuinely interested in joining the community which means that these other requirements will also have to be met (for anyone to receive $5 for a referral):

1) The referral must complete their profile.
2) The referral must complete at least one survey or study.

For me, this makes sense. Vindale is paying you to refer people who can actually add something to their site, program and community and not for just deadheads who join the site for some type of incentive. This kind of behavior does nothing for a company’s bottom line.

Here's the company's tutorial that can help you learn and navigate around the homepage:

The gist of this post is simple: Learn the site, interact, share the site and make some money.

If you still have questions, send me a message, a note or e-mail and I'll help you!

Ready to Join, here's the link:

Please check out more other posts that'll help you learn the site even faster:

1) Vindale: The 5 Most Commonly Asked Questions that I'm asked:

2) How to Get Paid with Vindale:

*Photo Courtesy: Vlado via

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vindale Questions and Answers (My FAQs)

This post is designed to cover the questions that I get online or via e-mail regarding Vindale. It's one of my favorite and one of the best money-making sites online where you can earn for FREE. It's great for beginners or anyone who wants to add an additional side hustle or income.

I have written an extensive post about Vindale here:

My plan is to continue to update that page with important info as it is released from the site!

Today, I just want to focus on the 5 questions that I get from referrals or prospects almost everyday.

1) How do I cash-out at Vindale?

I created a short and sweet video to help all who may be lost or just can't seem to find the information on the site. Oh and yes, today is payday so congrats to all who received Vindale payment notices like this today:

That's always a good feeling, isn't it? But, I can do even a little better. This notice came from paypal about 15 minutes later!

Now, that's not too shabby. A bill can be paid with that.
Watch the video to find out how to get your cash!

UPDATE: 6/2016: My video was removed due to a copyright conflict (I used actual footage from the site which is a no-no in the internet world without written permission----Sorry Vindale!)

Once you have explored the site, finding this information is quite simple but I am always willing to share the information for anyone who needs it.

2) Where's this blog (that you're always talking about)?

I think the blog is one of the most important areas of the site. I always say that it's the gold box that's located on the right side. Here's a visual:

As you can see, there is the account balance that shows your verified earnings up until this point ( I took this screenshot a couple of days ago). Then, you see some preliminary information on how you can earn more (this is definitely for newbies----it's apparent by the first line: verify your e-mail). Then, the next box, you can click to learn about your referrals and lastly, there is the gold box---which is where the blog is located and it's a wealth of information.

3) What's up with my referrals? I only been credited with 2 out of my 4 referrals?

Vindale will only credit you for active referrals, which means that your referral needs to:

1) Join (of course) through your referral link. It looks like this:

2) Complete their profile (Vindale offers a $2 incentive to everyone for fully completing their profile).

3) Lastly, complete at least one survey or study. 

These activities show that these individuals are serious about joining the site and becoming a part of the community.

4) Where are these (supposedly) easy daily questions?

They are located in the blog area in the center area as well as listed on the side. Once I click, the gold box (from above), the blog page opens and you will see all sorts of fun boxes and links to click on, just look for the Daily Question and click and answer. You don't want to get to the end of a pay cycle and be a $1 or $2 short. Those questions add up and can be just you need to get you over the top! 

Today's daily question:

Quick tip: Always keep track of your wins and check to make sure you are being properly credited. They are human too and sometimes a contest win might be missed but they are quick to credit it and resolve the situation (so no reason to despair).

5) How can I make more with Vindale?

a) Look for more opportunities in the blog. 
  • I have been the member of the month. 
  • I have gotten paid for sending a picture of myself with a payment.
  • I have won all types of contests (newsletter, captions, photos).
  • Answer the daily questions, be creative and insightful and start earning from that (Remember, it adds up!)
  • They even have resources in the blog for other ways to make money besides Vindale.
  • After you have a decent grasp of the site, refer people and earn $5 per active referral. I believe that if you promote it, you should be able to answer questions and help people as well and as needed. Most people will give up without support.
  • Have fun and do surveys that make sense for your time! Today, I saw surveys for as little as 30 cents and as high as $5. Surveys fill up fast so don't be surprised if you don't get through. For me, I'm not going to do a 30 cent survey for 10 minutes but I may do a 15 minute survey for $2.75. If I'm home and watching tv anyway, I may do more that will at least pay $1 and above. You will need to work out the strategy that works best for you.

Well, that's it for now. I hope that I have given you a few nuggets to help you excel at Vindale! Happy Earnings for now and as always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment, a message or an e-mail.

Not a member yet, but like what you see, join here and get the help you need from me. Add this money-maker to your life today and start getting paid:

Monday, November 23, 2015

The FreeEats Network
UPDATE- 12/5/15
Referral Credits--Referral Credits can take up to 3-4 business days to credit so don't get discouraged. For more information, make sure to refer to the "referrals page."

Free Eats is one of the easiest ways to earn online right now and is being heavily promoted on many social networks (for ONE really good reason------ It Works!). Now, you will not get rich quick but it is something easy to add to your online making money adventures.

So what exactly is Free Eats?

It's a "pay to view" mobile network that actually pays you directly for receiving (ad) messages or even answering one-question, multiple-choice surveys.

I love the fact that they will even pay you to sign up. After you complete the signup, $1 will be sent to your PayPal account (make sure that your mobile phone number is attached to your paypal account for payment). I didn't believe this site was real until I actually signed up and received payment, as they stated, within one day!

Another thing I love is that you will get your referral payments of $1 (also) sent directly to your account. There is nothing to log-in to and request. IT'S ALL AUTOMATIC!

Just as easy as it is to join, you can also easily discontinue by sending a "STOP" text at any time. I've haven't received that many messages so it has not been annoying or distracting in any way for me.

I invite you to try out this no-brainer network! Sign-up and see what you think! Like I stated earlier, it's one of the easiest online earners that I have seen in a very long time!


  • Free to Join! No charges ever!
  • Get paid $1 just for signing up!
  • Get paid for the content and ads that you view on your phone!
  • Get paid $1 for every referral who joins you!
  • Automatic payments! No need to sign into the site and make requests!
  • Register more than one number (make sure that they are connected to your paypal account for payment)
  • Paid via PayPal---one of the safest payment processors on the internet!
  • Legitimate: latest pay proof below!

FreeEats Proof!

One more payment:


Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Give Back and Get $30 in School Clothes!

This site has just been brought to my attention and I'm loving it and actually thinking about how I can help them grow in my area.

The name of the site is Schoola and it was started as by a parent, who was also a former teacher and principal, who saw first hand how fundraising directly impacted the extra programs that kids need to be successful in school. We often forget that trips, sports music and many arts programs are actually sustained by the fundraising efforts of the school, the parents and the students. Federal funds are generally not enough so she created this program that could keep "violins, baseballs, and paintbrushes" in the hands of students when funding was cut or drastically reduced. She started with a simple clothing drive and provided a means for parents to purchase quality and gently used clothing. The money raised from the drives went to help fund these much needed programs.

Any parent with growing kids can appreciate picking up some extra clothes on the cheap and also the idea of supporting much needed programs in all of our schools.  It benefits all of us when we help kids find their strengths and grow! 

I BELIEVE this idea is GENIUS and we should all get behind it to help our communities to grow!

What's sweet about the program for right now is that Schoola is running a powerful promotion to get their name and cause out there all over the web!

You can try it and get up to $30 of free clothes and help a few schools around the country for FREE!

I love this idea, talking about a WIN-WIN!

Here is how you can take advantage of this promotion (and I don't know how long it will last, so it's best to not drag your feet):

1) Click this link:

2) Look for the Login or Join link, and click it. If you are using a cell phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "view full screen." 

3) When you create your account, you will get a $15 credit and then, in your e-mail (that you will receive after joining), you'll automatically get a code for 25% off. (Make sure to copy this code before checking out so you can get the discount.)

4) Next click on collections, and then the last notch should read "+ a new collection," click that. Then select a category, brand or size and hit save collection and name it, that should generate another $10 in credit (for creating a collection).

5) Next, shop around the site (for up to $30 worth of items).

6) Go to your shopping bag and you should see your credits. Scroll down and add in your discount code (from your e-mail) and your new balance should be 0 or a credit if you did not spend the entire $30. The shipping is free, for now! So hurry!

7) They will ask for a credit card to check out and charge you nothing because your balance should be 0 or a credit. I entered mine and I WAS NOT charged. I just went through this entire process and it worked like a charm. If you have any questions after visiting the site, please feel free to ask.

I was advised that brand new items will not work toward the credits. I just picked up cute things that my niece would like since she's growing so fast. If she doesn't, I'll donate them.  They're free, after all! Someone will be able to enjoy this FREE gift!

8) You and your friends, family, contacts and referrals will earn $20 credits (if you like the site, share the love with them and you both will get a $20 credit for the site---How awesome is that)!

It's time for us to help our families, our schools and communities!
Schoola is a wonderful way for you to get involved!
No Brainer and a Win-Win!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

How to Make Money at Dollar Stores and Yard, Estate & Book Sales?

Fall 2017 Update:

Still a Great way to Pick up Some Extra Cash!

How to make even more money with using Bookscouter!

If you love scoring good deals, going to dollar stores or yard, estate or even book sales, having this tool may help you to make some additional money quite easily.

Here’s what to do, step by step:

  1. Click here and scroll down to the box on the right hand side that says “Mobile Apps.”
  2. Follow the link and choose one of the following apps: Apple IOS, Android or Bookscouter Mobile.
  3. Once you have the app downloaded, you now have the ability to scan barcodes of books that you see on the fly.
  4. I can't help to whip out my phone in the dollar store and I've scored quite a few gems.

Even if I find a book that costs $1 and I can get a scan for $2 or more. I'll buy the book because I am doubling my money so it’s worth picking up, considering that the book buyers pay all of the shipping fees.

One thing to note is that book buyers often will have a $5 or $10 minimum, so keep this in mind, when picking up books. I’ve found it pretty easy to make the minimum requirement because most books that are being bought are often being sought by more than one buyer.

TIP: Sometimes, I’ll sell a book for a little cheaper to make sure I hit the minimum requirements of a particular book buyer. I still score because I am making more that I bought or picked up the book for.

TIP: I have bought books at yard sales for a little as 30 cents. Don't be afraid to ask the buyer if there're willing to sell you 2 , 3 or 4 books for a $1. Oftentimes, they really want to get rid of the stuff! What a great score for us!

To see how I generally use this site, please see this post:

Let me know how you make some book scores in the comments!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Who Needs More Leads?

Fall 2017:
No longer using this site! Need more referrals and traffic, use this site: 

Who needs more leads, referrals, commissions, sales? Who needs automation? 

Get more consistent results and more eyeballs on your products, services and offers!

Are you selling a product or service? Are you promoting a link, a service, a website or a blog? Well, do you have a list, an e-mail list, that you can continue to reach out to the people who have showed some interest in something that you have to offer? There’s nothing wrong with promoting on social media but most people, and especially new ones, need to see your offer several times before they decide to trust and join you. That’s why top marketers use automation, to get back in front of those prospects. You want to give them multiple opportunities to see and understand your offer. That’s where that wonderful list and autoresponder come into play. Your autoresponder will send follow-up e-mails to your potential colleagues and partners. This creates a funnel for you to gain more sales, commissions, referrals and leads. I am in love with this one because you not only get a great autoresponder but you’ll get great resources and training in the back office. Are you ready to take your sales and commissions to the next level? 

Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Free Sites that Can Help you Make Money Today

Fall 2017 Update:
Still paying? What's Still Worth it?

Fast Money: The 2 sites that I still use and earn on are #1(Scout Books) and #3 (Savvy) on this list. You will get paid much quicker and much faster with those 2 sites. Find your old books and go to site number 1 to start selling them ASAP. This site pays!

Savvy will also pay you a buck for every referral you send their way that signs up!

There is no reason to be broke period. It’s all a matter of perspective! If what you think about and what you focus on, create your life. Then, that’s the first step. Let’s get into a “what I want mindset” and check the loser talk!

Life is all a matter of perspective:
Start Scouting:

Sometimes you just need to physically move into the direction of your dreams so if you want to make money, I’ll give you three easy sites that you can join or work with today to help you earn.

  1. Scout Books: Most of us have old books laying around the house that we no longer need or want. Go to this site, start entering your ISBN numbers (found on the back or inside of the book) and get rid of the junk. Get rid of the stuff that is laying around your house and start selling it. This site will provide you with book buyers who will pay you and pay for the shipping of the books (to them).

Embrace a new mindset: Abundance is yours for
the taking: Vin-dale

  1. Vin-dale: Join this site and go first to the profile section and complete it. You will earn $2 for this task but you are also creating your income stream; this is how you will be matched for surveys, questionnaires and studies. Use real information so that you will be pre-qualified for the studies that actually match your life. You will also need to enter your real e-mail so that they can send you surveys. You will also need paypal or a real address so that they can pay you. It's simple, be real and get paid! Next check out the blog section and look around. Find the daily question and answer it. It shouldn’t take you more than 2-5 minutes. Give a thoughtful, witty, funny or insightful response and you will probably win 50 cents (not much, but it’s a start and it will grow). When you peruse through the blog, you will see the many ways that people are making money (there are a whole host of ways that you can do it and there’s no reason why you cannot make $50- $100 this week, especially if you are not currently working, busy or in school. Even if you are, if you want this, you CAN achieve this!

Detailed information about how to earn with Vindale can be accessed here:

The only real scarcity is in the limitation of your thinking.
Think big: Get Savvy:
  1. Savvy: There are 2 main ways to earn on this site. The first is signing up with the link to do surveys which once again, I want to reiterate, using your real personal information, so that you can begin to receive your surveys by e-mail (and so that you can get paid--- Savvy pays by sending you real checks in the mail). The second way is truly passive. You sign up for SavvyConnect where you download a small software on your phone, tablet or computer and allow it to conduct behavioral research to see where you spend your time online. I have used Savvy and another site to do this and they pay handsomely. On Savvy, for your first period, you can earn $60 and it also enables you to get paid faster. You can join SavvyConnect at anytime and also cancel it and remove it from your computer.

You do not have to join SavvyConnect to join Savvy. It is just another possibility for earning.

All 3 of these sites will have you earning money today! So, let’s go, get started!

Friday, September 18, 2015

How to Get Paid with Vindale Research!

Take Action and Join Today

UPDATE 12/24/2015

Two latest training posts:

1) Vindale Questions (My Most Frequently Asked Questions):

2) Vindale Referrals (No Deadheads): Vindale only pays for Active Referrals.

UPDATE 12/15/2015:

Look at this wonderful gem that I found online. Here is a company walk-through of the homepage on Vindale. Hope it helps! Shout out to all of those who got paid today! Congrats!

UPDATE 11/2015:  Reward Codes:

Look for the reward code tab at the top of the page.

Vindale has now added reward codes (which are familiar to swag codes, if you know about how those work). They are strings of text that you will be able to find on social media sites (or check the blog). They will only be good for a specific period of time so you will need to act on them fast! 

The locations to find the reward codes will be:

--Vindale blog (

Make sure to add them across your social platforms!

There is a tab on the top of the page that says, "Reward Codes." When you click it, a box should drop down and you should be able to paste the code there for credit. Don't miss out on this FREE money and remember they are only good for a limited time!

UPDATE 11/2015: Expansion

Vindale has expanded to now include the UK,  Canada and Australia!

Vindale is a market research company so it offers both surveys and more lucrative studies as opportunities for you to get paid. Their unique position in the market place is that they will also pay you for many other things and it is those things that will help you make an extra $50, $100 or $150 each and every month. 

Are you willing to work for 30 minutes or an hour a day for some extra cash? If you are, you can begin to earn with Vindale! You can pick and choose what you want to do and it will have a direct effect on how much or how little you earn. One thing is for certain, you have to take action, you have to begin to do something!!! The more time and energy you commit, the more success you will have. It's as simple as that!

The first thing you need to do is sign-up:

Tip: Use real information!!!

Make sure to provide your REAL e-mail address because you will receive survey and study invites via your inbox. You can check the site as well for surveys but you will be notified daily of new opportunities. It’s free and no one will EVER ask you for a credit card. Also, if you choose to get paid via paypal, they need your real paypal/e-mail address to pay you! If you prefer to get a check in the mail, they need your REAL information to send you a check!

Next, complete your profile and you will earn $2 for just doing that!

Now, you’re off to a great start! To further accelerate your progress, check the blog posts daily (or as much as you can), you can earn 50 cents a day for answering the daily blog post question. Mind you, Vindale picks 20 of their favorite answers but you’ll have a good chance of winning and can expect to win at least 50-70% of the time.

Tip: The key is providing thoughtful, witty or insightful answers!

Now 50 cents doesn’t seem like much but it adds up pretty quickly!

Need a break or want a quick visual? 
Here's a quick video I created to help introduce you to the site!

UPDATE: 6/2016: My 2 videos below have been removed because I used actual footage from the Vindale site, creating a copyright conflict......Sorry Vindale!

Vindale will often run photo and caption contests.

For the budding photographer. You can gain $10 if you win the photo contest that is run at least once a month.

If you’re a wordsmith, have fun and enter the caption contests, where you can add your two cents for $1. There is at least one caption challenge a month but if you check in on the site often, they may offer them more frequently.
Vindale Polling: $2
You can also earn $2 a month for nailing the monthly polls. These polls are easy. Have fun and you'll find yourself winning this money quite often! I know because I've won it numerous times!

Send in a Pic! $5
Just got paid? Take a quick selfie of yourself with a copy of your check or your paypal account (showing your payment) and Vindale will send you $5 for that!

Member of the Month: $5
 Every month, Vindale selects a member to profile every month and that yields another $5.

Referrals: $5 
Vindale will pay you for every person that you refer to Vindale that joins AND completes one survey or study. Although, I love getting paid for referrals, I mean, who wouldn’t, I don’t put all of my eggs in this basket because it’s dependent on other people doing some work. Many people join, but many less get serious and complete at least one survey. I’m not sure why this is, but it happens. I’m just glad that all of my money is not dependent on this. Now, for the flip, I also have many friends who LOVE Vindale and work it in their spare time and see the value of an extra $50, $100 or even $150 extra every month!

I have benefitted from most of these extra ways to earn. I’ve been a member of the month. I’ve sent in a picture of myself holding a check! I’ve won blog answers, polls and captions. I have earned for sending referrals (and that’s why it’s important to explain the site and help your referrals)! Now, I say this to you---not to boast---but to let you know that all of these things are very DOABLE in your spare time while sitting on your couch and watching tv. It does not require any major expense of extra time on your part!

It is clear to see how all of these extras plus doing a few surveys will help you earn at least $50- $100 extra every month. If you have questions or concerns, please go ahead and ask in the comments and I’m happy to help you every step of the way!

UPDATE: 6/2016--Video removed due to copyright conflict (I used actual footage from the site).

Another look: