Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't Do This (A New "Tips Series on Bubblews) #3


Don't Resort to Silly Tricks!

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It may seem cool to get great views from writing provocative or suggestive post titles. I have seen a few of these blog posts recently featured on the front page of Bubblews, but it's a cheap way to get people to view your work.

Stick to writing good content and think of attention-grabbing titles that match your post. You don't have to trick anyone to read your work. Decent quality posts get read. Go for even better quality and you might just start going viral on the site and garner a following.

You do not want a poor reputation or to be known as one who uses cheap titles to get views. You're better than that and trust me, the more you write, the better you will get. There are also many sites and writers online who are willing to give you lots of FREE advice about how to write great titles, so don't look for poor tricks that may ultimately get you in trouble or make people want to avoid you like the plague.

TIP 3: Write interesting and eye-catching titles but don't go the way of the sleazy......

Want real advice that will help you succeed, first read and join here:

Then, check out my unofficial newbie guide so you'll be well on your way to success:

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Top 5 Posts to Check Out On Bubblews

Bubblews is Social (Mini) Blogging at its Best!

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Every week at least once, I want to start sharing some of my favorite blog posts from Bubblews. As you should know from my quips here, that Bubblews is a paid social (mini) blogging platform.  I am adding "mini" because it only requires you to post a minimum of 400 characters per post, which is a little more than 120 words. This is a great site for those who want to begin blogging and develop their writing discipline that could possibly grow into a larger writing career.

All of the posts that I am including are ones that are uplifting, positive and will help you want to reflect, think or improve in some way.  My hope is that you can see what beauty lies for you on Bubblews as a new or seasoned blogger, as one who would like to share ideas, journal or someone looking to make some side cash----all of this is possible on Bubblews!

If you enjoy any of these posts and would like to comment and/or like, please read how you can get started with this social blogging platform here: Bubblews no longer allows random user participation.

I Intend to be the Life of the Party by Jounda:

Sunsets on Fire:

Don't Take it Personal by Jamie:

Positive Parenting by Gool:

10 Things I Loved as a Kid (One of my fun posts!):

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Don't Do This (A New "Tips Series on Bubblews) #2

Don't Do This (A New "Tips" Series on Bubblews) #2

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Have you joined the Bubblews site yet? If not, why not....

Read and Join here:

It's free and you have nothing to lose.

Everyone should be writing and blogging a bit online.
If not, you should be figuring out what you can do online!

Why not earn while you learn?

Learn or expand your skill-set, you may find that you have a natural affinity for words, images or something else.....but you'll never know until you try.

TIP: Pick and choose an easy username! It will be easy for people to tag, mention and find you.

Don't think you can write or blog, this is the easiest site to learn on, use the following 2 resources to help get you started! C'mon, you can do it! 

Blog Post Ideas:

Free images for your blogs:

Make social networking work for you!

Read and join here:

The Ultimate Newbie Resource:

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Do This (A New "Tips" Series on Bubblews)

Don't Do This (1)
A New "Tips" Series
for Bubblews

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When you join Bubblews....okay, I'm being presumptuous that if you are reading this that you are either already a member or you are thinking about becoming a member of Bubblews soon.

If you are thinking of becoming a member, do it. You have nothing to lose. Instead of just wandering around the internet  and surfing for free, you can spend some of your time on Bubblews and start earning. It's easy to join but also easy to mess up.

Here the read and join link if you need it, click it, join and then come back here for your tips:

There is uncontrollable issue on Bubblews with people running around and asking people to connect or letting others know that they have connected, stay away from this practice. It's annoying and against the terms (which you should definitely read). It could also cost you your account. So many people are doing it, you could think that it's okay to do it. I have even seen people commenting on blogs that they have connected. This is a questionable and prevalent problem on the site. Don't fall for this and don't do this.

Build connections that right way by following people you like and enjoy reading their work. I have written more on the topic of connections here:

You do not need to run around and tell everyone that you have connected to them. They will see your name in their comments (when you respond to their posts) and they will connect to you if they like. Most older members ignore and delete comments that say "connected" on their profile so don't do this!

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Monday, March 17, 2014

It's Easy to Write and Earn Online

It's Easy to Start 

Writing and Earning 


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Social Blogging Online and On Bubblews is Easy!

The beauty of social blogging on Bubblews is that you only have to write at least 400 characters. That's 400 characters and not words. You can write about anything. Some people use it as a diary. Some use it to write out their problems. Some use it to share their expertise in a particular area or as a training guide to improve their writing and/or their English. There are a lot of English Language Learners on the site so be forewarned.

The above paragraph has a total of 440 Characters. This is an easy entry that could appear in a Bubblews Post! This example shows you how easy it is to get started writing and earning online!

I write long and short passages and try to include images in the majority of my posts. There are many sources for free images online. My next post will reveal my favorite online FREE resource for pictures.

Ready to join a writing community and earning cash for your efforts.
Read and join here:

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3) Live like You are Dying:

4) 8 Steps to Power Images on your Blog:

5) A Quick Tip for the Old and the New:

More to come soon, make sure that you join and start writing and earning today!
Read and join here:

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Social Blogging....WTF?

Bubblews is social blogging!

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Most people get Social Blogging confused!

What is Social Blogging?

Social Blogging is a platform where you can write blogs or articles and interact in a social manner. It is not a formal blog but one that is comparable to a social network where there is a true variety and diversity of information, culture and people learning, growing and sharing in a community. The hard-core rules of writing, language and grammar do not necessarily apply.

Bubblews is such a community that also shares the revenue made with its members at a 50/50 split creating a Facebook-like environment where you can share and learn with people all over the world. You can even invite friends and family to join you and get paid for the things you would normally do online for free.

What Bubblews is NOT!

It is not a content farm, meaning you are not just churning articles or posts for pay or for a buck or two.

It is not a hard-core serious writing site. The motto is "write your world" which you can do within reason, of course. There are many who write about their day, what they eat, what they do, their errands, their kids and that's okay because there is room for all of that.....just like on Facebook. The only and BIGGEST difference between Bubblews and Facebook is that Bubblews will share the revenue that they share with those who use the site. Facebook will not do that. Bubblews pays you for your thoughts and interaction.

Now, I'm not knocking Facebook, you can network, run your business, buy ad space and keep up with family and friends but for the millions that just get on their to chat or surf. You may as well find a site that will allow you to do that and SHARE THE REVENUE. Why not?

What You can Expect to Find on Bubblews:

On Bubblews, you will find a mix of high and low quality posting. It's a global site where for some, English is not their first language and it shows and it's accepted.

It's an easy way to test the waters of writing and blogging online and many can develop their skills or create the habit and discipline of being a blogger.

Ready to Start Learning and Blogging, click below:

All of the Resources that you Need to Get Started, click below: