Monday, April 21, 2014


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I just wanted to give an update on the wonderfully paying Bubblews as well as a tip as well. If you are new to this site, Bubblews is a site where you can write blog posts and get paid. You can write just about anything you want and start getting paid!

Bubblews is now taking a week, 7 days, for redemptions. The site continues to grow by leaps and bounds so getting a handle on all of the new accounts to check may be a huge task for the admin.

I wrote a post on the site called, How to Be a Better Bubbler." If one follows this advice, it may help you to get noticed and taken as a serious member who others will want to connect with and this action helps you to get more views, likes, comments and overall have more fun.

How To Be a Better Bubbler:

Need to Join so that you can start sharing ideas, thoughts and start earning money, click here:

The Ultimate (Unofficial) Newbie Resource:

How to Start Building Connections:

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