Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Are you in the right mindset to make money?


Having the right mindset is a key ingredient to making money on and offline. It all starts in the mind. Who are you? Who do you surround yourself with? What do you spend your free/me time on? Like with anything, you must begin to allow your mind to be still, open and conscious. Do you know that you are an infinite being or do you live believing, feeling and thinking of yourself as finite. Open up to the possibilities that you (just) might already have all of the answers that you are looking for inside of you.

Some tools that may help you on your journey:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

DIN-ENDED/ UPDATED 2014: CHECK OUT ZNZ--Paying Me Since 2011 No Hype!

ZNZ-Paying Me Since 2011-NO HYPE!

Daily Income Network ENDED!

It was a funnel for ZNZ, meaning it captured leads for ZNZ, if you are interested in getting paid to refer people: you can read my blog post here:

Just Join ZNZ, complete one (trial) offer and get started today!!!!!


Paying me since 2011!
NO HYPE!!!!!

What We Offer:
****Simple Work: posting ads for our marketing company and scheduling
for our virtual presentation!

We offer ..
-Full Training
-Flex Scheduling
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-Opportunity To Make Immediate Money
-A system  that is easy to market at a low price point ($0)
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All Commissions Paid DIRECTLY TO YOU
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We are only looking for a few very serious people to add to the team.
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If the idea of:
Daily Pay, No Outbound Cold Calling, Inbound Calls Only,
Residuals, $400-$1,000 per week part time,
$2,000+ per week full-time sounds good
to you, then here is what you need to do next.
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Online Freelance Advertisers: HOW IT ALL WORKS!!!!

Big businesses/ Fortune 500 companies like CreditReport.com, Blockbuster, Netflix, Columbia House, etc.....will pay you or someone else for the potential customers that you can bring their way. A potential customer is someone who will at least TRY before they BUY a product or service from their company. 

Why in the world would they do this? 

 Well, all of these companies have budgets for advertising and promotions? Let's say that Blockbuster wanted to spend $40 million on advertising to promote their dvd-by-mail service, especially now, with the backlash against Netflix. They could run ads on tv and cable, but let's face it, with DVR (Tivo) and other video-advancing technology, most potential customers skip through advertising and concentrate on their favorite shows.

The times of having to watch commercials are over!

They could also use mediums, such as radio, newspaper, Google, Yahoo, Facebook or the BIG ENCHILADA: the humongous, ever costly million dollar baby Super Bowl ad. The problem is Blockbuster ends up having to spend a ton of money up front and there is no guarantee that any of those advertising dollars will produce even one single paying new or even potential customer! 

So what if instead big companies like Blockbuster paid $20, $30 or more when someone JOINED (meaning someone took them up on a TRY BEFORE YOU BUY OFFER)? 

 Well guess, what? 
They do! All the time! 

Think I'm hyping you up, pulling your leg: check out what Netflix says Referrals Bring You Big Bucks
Free trial offers are everywhere and present an opportunity for both the beginner or the expert internet marketer. You can begin to benefit by advertising, promoting and getting the word out about these companies that will pay you to help in these efforts! 

One thing to remember is that the free offer that is available when you decide to work online and through an IFW or Incentivized Freebie Website, is the exact same free trial offer the company will offer you direct but will not pay you for if you go directly to the site (yourself) and join. 

These are not some type of specialized offers set up to confuse or trick you. If you have ever read the fine print on any free trial offers, you will know that they require some information from you to put on file before you can start any arrangement. 

 For example, Netflix states for their one month free trial membership in fine print 
(and here it is as plain as day): 

"Your Netflix membership, including a 1 month free trial, will begin when you click on "Start Membership" during the registration process. Simply cancel anytime during your 1 month free membership, and you will not be charged."

Let's repeat: You will not be charged (meaning that you will need to put some type of credit or debit card on file, usually with at least $1 on it, in order to activate your free trial offer). 

Your job as an online marketer/advertiser  is to understand these terms and if this is not an offer that you do not want to keep, make sure to note, set an alarm or an alert and get rid of it (after about 80% of the time has been used). 

 This process is simple and can be done over and over again to make money. 
Want to try out some sites with free trial offers and get started making money and promoting: 

Make $20 per referral: Sign up, complete the offer and start promoting/advertising:

Make $20 per referral again. Add this site with the top one and make $40 per referral:

Make $30 per referral. (You could add this one to the 2 previous ones or one of the above and make anywhere from $30, $50- $70 a referral):

Make $40 per referral (I think you can see the potential here):

Some caveats about these offers. 
Obviously the more money you make from a particular site, the more offers you will have to complete. 
  • Both $20/referral sites only REQUIRE ONE OFFER.
  • The $30/referral site requires at least 2 offers. 
  • The $40/referral site can be done in at least 3-4 offers.
  • You CAN NOT COMPLETE the SAME OFFER ON MULTIPLE SITES. Different trial offers are required.
  • ONLY 1 PERSON PER HOUSEHOLD. No multiple accounts.
Next, you will need to learn marketing and promotion which I have a free site that you can use some of the free training material right away after you complete your first offer so that you can get started learning and making money right away!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Stronger: Daily Income Network ENDED BUT I'm STRONGER! UPDATED FOR 2014

All I can say is that the guys at FCM have outdone themselves! The new site is stronger, better and faster! Are you ready to start learning and earning? Can you handle a new online adventure? I will admit I was skeptical....I was wondering...Well let me tell you this...I investigated for myself and I'm excited. I felt a surge of new energy and the more I looked the better I felt! Check it out for yourself! This is a complete system! Not some site thrown up, this system has been put up with care and it does not matter if you are a seasoned, experienced internet marketer. You can start here and build! Are you ready to give up excuses? To stop bashing things that you just don't understand. Are you ready to give you a chance to learn, to grow and finally make some money online? If so...........


Understanding Cost Per Action (CPA)

Cost per Action - Many big businesses, marketers and advertisers consider CPA the optimal way to buy online advertising and the way to increase getting new and potential customers. Using some forms of CPA, an advertiser only pays up when the desired action has occurred. An action can be something as simple as sending a visitor to another web site. If you've seen Google Ads then this is a prime example. A small amount is earned every time a visitor completes the action of clicks through to a site via those Google ads. In other cases a CPA might involve something such as a form being filled out in a survey, or signing up for a merchants newsletter. The desired action by the way to be performed by the visitor you sent them is determined by the advertiser, however you'll always know that beforehand.

I am an advertiser and help others to become online advertisers as well. I get paid for bringing in potential customers to the following sites:

Join any one of these sites and I will help you get started to be on your way to becoming a CPA-based online advertiser! Are you ready to promote and get paid?

Saturday, November 5, 2011

One of my favorite combinations of sites is ending their work together (Free Cash Machine and ZNZ). On the internet, you need to be flexible and be ready to roll with changes. That's why it is so important to learn transferable skills that will help you no matter what, if you have not already done so, I advise you to take a look at learning how to sponsor, how to work online and how to properly build an  online presence and business. Here is a wonderful and FREE taster to get you started! Enjoy!

How to Make Money with ZNZ---NEW DEVELOPMENTS/ UPDATE 2014


Making money with IFW sites is not rocket science but it does take steady and consistent work. Basically, advertising and promotion work on a daily basis. 


1) Sign up and complete trial or low-pay offer. Why? To get started with the company.

2) I recommend a trial offer. Right down all of the company info, just in case, you do not want to continue and mark it on a calendar.

3) You should receive a confirmation from the company where you signed up for the trial (like netflix, disney, etc....)

4) Use all real information so that your offer and info at ZNZ will clear. If it does not, you will not be credited and will not be able to refer others and get paid.

5) If ZNZ requests proof of address, scan or send them the information, I as well as many others have done this and have started working, promoting and earning right away. Don't let this step turn you around.....Remember, you came to WIN!!!!!!!

Which is the easiest site to sign up to????
ZNZ ONE: Only 1 offer to complete!
Click here and get started!

The nice thing about the Free Cash Machine was that it allowed us to have a free promotional system that we could use to promote ZNZ. It did all of the explaining of the program if we could get leads to watch the informative webinar.

How many of these sites work is basic. You want to get large amounts of leads watching and some will join. What was nice about the Free Cash Machine was that it provided a mechanism to explain how these systems work.

If you were using the Free Cash Machine (FCM) to promote ZNZ,  that has abruptly changed. FCM is no longer using ZNZ as their primary parent site. Well, that has left many people in a lurch but it does not have to because it is causing (many of) us to grow up (so to speak) and develop our new ways of advertising and promotion in more sophisticated and  clever ways but no one likes to feel blind-sighted. It would have been nice to know that FCM was switching away from ZNZ and that may cause many of issues with our ZNZ account. But, hey, welcome to the world of internet marketing!!!

I am more focused on these questions, "What else is possible? What more can we do, be and create?" That will be my weekend and beyond work as well as discussing and working with new referrals by phone to explain how to use what exists to make money. There are still great ideas and templates useful at the raining webpage. Use them to promote ZNZ. Use all that you can to continue your current promotions. DO NOT HAVE new referrals sign up to ZNZ through the link at the FCM page. They will have to do this separately for now. I am looking at several other systems and will let you know if I choose to go with any of them or create my own. What else is possible?

I am promoting 2 easy sites with the techniques from the training site:



 Now, you can too. It may be still be beneficial to show the training video from FCM if you explain everything thoroughly to new leads. This may be more time intensive than it's worth. Remember, I'm here to win, to fly, to prosper and FLY!!!!!!!! Loving this song right now!!!!!! ENJOY!





Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ZNZ Demystified!!

ZNZ Demystified!!!!

1) What is ZNZ?
ZNZ is a marketing company that partners with Fortune 500 companies to help them obtain potential and new customers.

Once we sign-up with ZNZ, we are set to make $20, $30 or more for every referral (every person that signs up and completes an offer {or offers, if you choose a ZNZ site other than ZNZONE}).

2) Why do companies pay for customers?
Companies advertise so that they can acquire customers and make money.

3) Why do I have sign up and complete an offer to start working?
Companies are paying for legitimate "potential" customers. Their hope is that you will keep the trial and
hopefully love their product and/or service and keep it. However, this situation is considered "try" before you buy. You only have to try an offer. You do not have to keep it (period).

4) Why do I need a credit card?
You will need a credit or debit card when you sign up for your free offer. Let's think  about this, if you
called or signed up with Netflix for a free trial, they will require a credit card from you to put on file and
after that trial period is up, IF you have NOT cancelled, they will charge you and continue the service automatically. All free offers work this way. This is not some type of ZNZ trick. We are working with
real and legitimate companies that operate this way with ZNZ or not.

5) Is this a scam?
No this is legitimate work that you can do from home. ZNZ pays and will continue to pay for quality and
qualifying leads.

6) How does ZNZ make money?
ZNZ earns their money from the companies that hire them for new and potential client acquisition and they share some of their earnings with us.

7) How do I make money?
You make money by signing up new and potential clients in ZNZ who complete the free offer (or offers if you are dealing with other sites besides ZNZONE). You make $20 (ZNZONE) for each person who completes the trial offer (and followed the rules: real info, 1 IP, 1 household). We even show you step by step how to set up, promote/advertise and give you a ton of free ads to use as templates for your won ads. You can copy and paste but it's best to be original.

8) How much can I make?
It depends on how much you want to work. Some people make $20 a day and some make $150-$200 a day. It is entirely up to you and your advertising and promotion efforts. I promote several ZNZ sites and the lowest one yields $20 a referral. I also promote both on and offline. (I am always willing to help and brainstorm with you!)

9) What sets ZNZ apart?
ZNZ will require an ID before your first payout. You can block or cross out everything because they are just verifying your address.

10) What about taxes?
ZNZ will require you to fill out a tax form before hitting the $600 earning threshold. All companies must report any income over $600. They will send you reminders and you will not be paid over that threshold until you have sent in the proper documentation.

Other Facts and Tips!

1) Only 1 person allowed per household and per IP address.
2) Use all REAL information, if you do not, you will not be paid and your account will go on HOLD.
3) You will receive training help and a site that walkks you through step by step if you join the FREE CASH MACHINE: http://www.easyincomestream.ws

Ready? You have nothing to lose!
Sign up for ZNZ ONE here: http://www.easyincomestream.ws

Want to make more:
ZNZ Blu-Ray pays $30 a referral (can usually complete 2 offers and you're in---let me know if you need help): http://bluray.zipnadazilch.com/index.php?referral=151250

ZNZ PlayStation pays $40 a referral (3 or 4 offers and you're in--let me know if you need help):

Some people will complete their offer and when ZNZ requests more info like an ID, they get discouraged. Let me ask you something, did you ever get discouraged when a traditional employer asked you to verify
who you were with an ID or something to verify you are who you say you are. Probably not? The challenge in these times is that there are less and less traditional employers.

You can create your income and make money in your own house, on your own time. You can learn how
to promote and advertise and you can be successful. Can you handle all of that? Are you ready?

If so, I would love to work with you and I will be happy to explain more or help you in any way I can! I sure hope to see you on the other side!

Wishing you all of the happiness that you can hold!!!!!

More Faqs for ZNZ can be found here: