Sunday, September 13, 2015

Minimizing and Making Money- Yes You Can!


In a previous post, I wrote about decluttering and earning at the same time and today, with my 100th post (yay, me....LOL), I would like to continue on that path and talk about how you can reduce the clutter of no longer wanted or needed items in your home and make money.

There is a great site called BookScouter that allows you to price search any and all of your books to see if any companies are buying them. You can check by entering an ISBN number (found on the back of your books) on their website. It will immediately pull up all kinds of booksellers who are possible buyers for your book. It will also include the price that they are willing to pay for your book. Personally, I've sold many non-fiction, text, political and history books on this site. Instead of just keeping books for the sake of keeping them, how about cashing them in and only keeping the ones that you truly love?

I am a believer that your home should reflect you and your family, not just become a hodge-podge of everything that you have ever experienced, seen or heard in your life. Many things come our way but that doesn't mean that they are meant to stay there.

First, check out my earlier post for an easy round of decluttering:

Then, head over to BookScouter for your next round!

I would love to hear how everything works out for you in the comments!

Can you minimize, declutter and make money at the same time?


  1. Thanks for this wonderful sharing. I guess need to tell my partner about this. :)

    1. You're welcome Sweety! I hope you and your family can benefit from this site!