Sunday, April 13, 2014

Post Quality Content and Show Some Love

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Just posted an article over on Bubblews related to how to be a better bubbler, which in essence, means how to be a better community member.

Why is this important? The idea behind this particular social blogging platform is that you participate, interact and become part of their community. The members support each other by visiting, viewing, liking and commenting on their posts.

The keys to becoming a good (community) member are easy:

1) Post quality content: With such a low threshold required for content (400 characters), you want to make sure that what you do put up makes sense, is interesting (people will want to read it) and is your own original work.

2) Show some love: Connect with other quality members, like and leave great comments (don't follow the bad trend of copying and pasting generic comments around like "nice post" or "good work." Many people get very angry when they have just written about an emotionally devastating situation and then they see someone's comment that says, "Nice post." Clearly, the person did not read the post so why bother leave a comment.")

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Being a part of a community involves a give and take. If you combine posting and interacting (commenting and liking), you will get noticed. Follow/connect with great bubblers (you'll find them, they're hard not to notice).

Ready to Start Social Blogging, start here:

Then, browse the site and read the terms (found at the bottom left of the page)....

Resources that will help you get stronger:
The Ultimate (Unofficial) Newbie Guide:

5 Steps to Becoming a Better Community Member/Bubbler:

Do something today to start earning online, to build a daily writing habit, to watch yourself here and create something today!

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