Saturday, October 19, 2019

Been So Long but Not Forgotten

A lot of life has happened since I last posted. I've had ups and downs. But life is still good and precious, as long as I have breath.......

Posting a couple tidbits about what's still working in 2019:

Savvy is still a wonderful and easy earner. I've heard so many people say that they don't like surveys, I get it.....I don't think they were ever meant to take the place of a full-time job, just a way to earn, to make a few dollars for sharing your opinion online.

It's an easy way to earn in your downtime or while you're at home and chilling, fill out your profile, join and start making a few extra dollars:

Q is another site for sharing your opinion and you get to pick the surveys that you wish to pursue. You can prove to yourself that it actually works by just doing a simple survey (find one that lasts less than 5 minutes and yes, they have those) and cashing out right away to PayPal, when you do this, you'll earn an additional 50 cents just for trying it out:

Why not make some money while you surf? 

That's it for now. I wish you joy, happiness, abundance and love (in any particular order that you want). Make sure to have some fun as we move into and beyond the holiday season!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Growing up with Mr. Rogers!

"Won't you be my neighbor?" is the new documentary that chronicles the work of Mr. Rogers and is truly one of the best movies/documentaries that I have seen this year. If you grew up during the 60’s or the 70’s and had access to public television and the sensational programming that was available during that time (Sesame Street, Electric Company, etc…) then, you would have surely seen Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood and been privy to the song that uplifted a generation of kids with his prolific opening of, “Won’t you be my Neighbor?”

This song was a simple didley that Rogers performed at the opening of every episode. Hearing that song again, after all of these years, made me feel happy, made me feel joy. After all, it was just an expression of kindness. If there was one thing I learned from Mr. Rogers was that kindness is just a way of being. It’s not special. It’s not something that requires anything. There is just value in being kind, in being a good neighbor.

Thinking back on Rogers, I can now attest that he (as well as other factors) contributed to my state of disillusionment when I first moved out of state and on my own. I grew up on a city block, where all the neighbors knew each other, were invested in one another and helped one another. My block was my mini-community. It was not perfect and rainbows and unicorns but it was good. I came to think of the world that way; that when you lived around people, you knew your neighbors and you were close to them. Mooing to a new town and place taught me that was not always the case, I learned that people lived very separate and isolated lives and many times, they did not know their neighbors or feel a connection to them. This revelation was sad and disheartening, to say the least. 

The real world looked a bit different from Mr. Roger’s neighborhood and my childhood city block. I would have to learn a new way of being and connecting…..

Some things that I know for sure:
1) I like living in a world of neighbors, of knowing them and being a part of them.

2) I like living in a world where you know that there are people who have your back, where they are genuinely kind.

3) “Won’t you be my neighbor” is an invitation to be friendly and to be friends. I like the idea of living in a friendly and loving world.

Please, won't you be my neighbor?  

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Worth Ethic Inspiration

Worth Ethic or Work Ethic

I read a funny headline today that stated, 

"Charlize Theron's Worth Ethic Inspired by Immigration."

Charlize-theron-IMG 6045
By Fuzheado [CC BY-SA 4.0 (],
from Wikimedia Commons

Theron's worth ethic was inspired by immigration? 

Clearly this wording had to be a typo so I read further into the article and sure enough, the author was discussing her WORK ethic and how she became driven (and ambitious) because of her immigrant status in Hollywood. Without any friends or family, Theron, who hails from South Africa, discussed that her motivation came from wanting to "pay her bills and not having to work a second job, especially with no support system" in the US. Okay, that seemed reasonable and easy enough......but I just couldn't stop thinking of that notion of a "worth" ethic.

I took that typo-ed title as a cue for me to imagine what it would mean to have a "worth ethic." What would one of those look like? 

A work ethic usually entails working hard and persevering. It usually speaks to one's sense of character, of being responsible, of having integrity and having a strong sense of responsibility.

Now, let's dissect what it would mean to have or to develop a worth (or worthy) ethic.
Worth is often thought of as having value.
When we think about feeling worthy, we (can) attribute this value to ourselves, we can affirm that we, as human beings, have value (just because). It has nothing to do with who we are or what we have. I think of being worthy like this, because you and I were born, we are worthy; because we are here, we are worthy (period).

By Madhumathi S V [CC BY-SA 4.0 (],
from Wikimedia Commons

Ethic or ethics has to do with the way something is governed. It has to do with a set of principles, rules or conditions that one may follow or live by. Merriam Webster defines it as a set of moral principles or a guiding philosophy. I like the last part about a guiding philosophy. Think about a guiding philosophy that we could carry around about ourselves, about being and feeling worthy, or feeling valuable and having a knowing that we have something worthwhile to give or contribute to the world. I wonder if people would be able to see that in us as we go about our everyday lives. Would they remark about how we had an awesome worth ethic? Would they talk about how they could tell how good we felt about ourselves (just by looking at us) and how good they (even) felt just from being around us? I wonder what they would be able to sense or feel about how we navigated the world. I wonder, what kinds of people and experiences we would attract? How much fun would we (all) be having in our everyday lives?

Hey, there's nothing wrong with being recognized as a person with a strong work ethic; I just wonder what it would feel like or be like to be known as someone with a strong or desirable worth ethic!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Rampage of Love

Do you love,  love? Do you love the idea of being in love? Not with a person, not with a thing or a desire. Just working toward feeling good, feeling love……

I love love.

I love being.

I love being in love.

I love life.

I love syncing up with my one true Source, with God.

I love people.

I love great conversations.

I love laughter.

I love fun.

I love sunny days.

I love singing birds.

I love green grass.

I love having barefoot in green grass.

I love lakes.

I love sitting by the lake.

I love to love.

I love traveling.

I love going places.

I love trips. 

I love new adventures.

I love new awakenings.

I love new ideas.

I love inspiration

I’m in love.

I love to be in love.

I love synching up with source.

I love clarity.

I love freedom.

I love the freedom of being.

I love living and being in the moment.

I love the stimulation of thoughts and ideas.

I love adventure.

I love understanding.

I love knowing.

I love being a conscious creator.

I love creating.

I love molding.

I love the idea of creating and molding my life.

I love the feeling of love.

I love being lit up.

I love passion.

I love excitement.

I love enthusiasm.

I love new.

I love becoming.

I love collaborating.

I am in love.

I am in love!

I feel good.

I feel good.

Life is good.

Can you place yourself in a state of love, in a state of feeling good, of being good?

Can you find your good feeling place?

Share something you love below! 

Saturday, April 28, 2018

I Feel Pretty

****Spoiler Alert****

The following commentary is based on the comedy, “I Feel Pretty,” starring Amy Schumer. It contains details and ideas made during the film. In the following text, I address why many of the concepts are relevant and what we all can learn about the emotion of “feeling” and in this case, “feeling pretty” which could have easily been translated into “feeling confident” or “feeling good.”

Basic Plot/Storyline:
Amy Schumer portrays a regular girl, living and working in NYC. She works for a large and successful cosmetics company that has mostly catered to high-end clients. Instead of working at the swanky Fifth Avenue corporate headquarters, Schumer’s character, Renee Bennett works in a dingy, basement of a China-Town dump along with another worker, who is content on being unseen. They basically work as the online arm of the business and have been completely ignored and removed from the glamorous, “day to day” world of the company.

Bennett is slightly overweight, wears trendy clothes and loves all things modern, fashion and cosmetics. She keeps up with the current trends and has an active social life with her 2 BFF’s, two smart, average-type girls who are also living in the Big Apple. Bennett is comfortable with these two down-to-earth girls, who really don’t have a strong interest in fashion or cosmetics. Her low self-esteem and insecurities can be put on hold when she spends her time with her two gal-pals.
I must admit that this movie made me laugh out loud. One reason is because I do think that Schumer is hilarious and because of the simplicity and relevancy of the script. Many people spend many of their young adult years trying to be......trying to be accepted, to be pretty, to be skinny, to be rich, to be loved, to be something that they perceive is missing from their lives. Some thing outside of themselves that will make them whole. This is one of the big lies of life, of living, of being and especially existing in a modern (and dare I say, capitalistic) culture. 

Renee Bennett is trying to achieve the perfect American woman dream existence, which includes being thin, being pretty with high cheekbones, wearing the latest and greatest fashions and hairstyles, all while being smart, as well as hopefully rich and clever. She is trying to do all of the right things but something is not quite right. Her friends are also trying to figure out life but they seem to be much more grounded in their “what may be seen as” mundane existence. Bennett is very self-conscious and constantly judging herself (her looks, her body and possibly unconsciously, her worth).  

Bennett’s major issue occurs when she is at a SoulCycle class, with a highly energetic and motivating instructor, who is asking all of the participants to look within themselves and to follow their inner dreams. The instructor hypes the class up to believe that their dreams are somehow tied to their feverish peddling on a bike. Instead of getting into a high-powered zone, Bennett accidentally falls and bumps her head, and passes out. When she wakes up, she looks at herself in the mirror and can’t believe what she sees. She is suddenly breathtakingly beautiful and this change gives her all of the confidence in the world. She is now happy and confident. She believes in herself and has the courage to do all the things that she wants to do.

Video by Trailor To Go
(I Feel Pretty Trailer Song-Me Too by Meghan Trainor)

Now in reality, Bennett has only changed to herself. Everyone else is dumbfounded by this new surge of confidence and cannot understand Bennett’s new love and take on her life. As she gazes at herself in the mirror, she thinks that she actually looks different than she did before and she is convinced that everyone sees this new version, when in reality, she has not changed one little bit. What she sees in the mirror is her own idea of perfection and beauty. She is now in love with the new Renee and lives completely out loud and fearless.

Renee Bennett reminds me of someone who has a body dysmorphic disorder, only her condition is actually empowering (instead of devastating and depressing) because it propels her to live the life of her dreams. Before the head bump, Renee is generally unhappy and insecure but tries to do all of the right things, like wearing trendy clothes, makeup and following you-tube video “beauty” tutorials. Afterward, she becomes completely in love with her new, totally beautiful self. She can’t believe her eyes or how beautiful she has become. She can’t get enough of herself and of course, all of this wonderfulness goes to her head and she becomes a bit of a monster/mean-girl to her old friends. (But, that aspect could take up a whole "other" post so I won't digress.....)

Bennett has so much confidence that she is able to win new colleagues and friends. These are individuals who would have never given the old Renee a chance. The old Renee would have faded into the background and wouldn't have ever been confident enough to approach, let alone, befriend this new and what she perceives as "perfect" group of people. The new Renee is not afraid to be seen and heard, which is a part of her new charm and charisma. She is finally a member of the In-Crowd, with a new job, new prospects and a new relationship on the horizon.

Mind you, Renee has not physically changed and still looks the same to everyone else. The only change that has occurred is in how she VIEWS and SEES herself. Her inner belief about herself has transformed and caused her outer life to fall in line and change.

Take Away Points:

1) What you decide to believe about yourself will be. Can you unconditionally fall in love with yourself? Can you be happy with what you see in the mirror? Can you look at yourself without judgement? 

When Renee Bennett does this, she becomes a better version of herself, and then a best version of herself when (at the end) she realizes that she has not physically changed at all. She is the same Renee that she has always been.

2) If you can find and tap into being in love with you, it becomes contagious and other people will love you, too.

Bennett thought that other people saw the version of her that she was seeing and hence, couldn’t help but love her. This statement is both true and false. People saw the image of Renee that she projected and believed about herself. Renee saw a different image of herself in her mind. The mirror displayed the same (old) Renee----everyone saw the same Renee except Renee. 

3) Renee’s confidence and positivity shines when she realizes her own self-worth.  

Bennett didn’t realize until the end that she has not changed and that her success was based on who she was ---already, unchanged. Her major change was in attitude and her approach to life; it had nothing to do with her appearance.

4) Feelings Matter.

How we feel at any given moment matters and we can learn to 
manage how we feel and what we emote.

When Renee felt differently about herself, her life changed. She felt and exuded confidence. She felt and exuded a happy and positive persona. She felt and exuded an air and attitude of possibility. She felt and exuded feeling good about life. 

What else can we learn or take away from this happy and feel-good movie?

·     We can choose to love ourselves right now, in our current  
       state. We are enough already.

·     When we FEEL good, life is and goes better (period). 
       LIFE IS GOOD.

·     We can choose to be the best version of ourselves at any     
      moment. We can love ourselves; we are lovable; we are 

·     We do not have to follow and be like everyone else. We can be ourselves and when we tap into that--that which makes us-us, that which makes us special, then we can tap into and share our divine gifts and talents with the world.

 Everything that we seek, we already have. We have been created out of love by the ultimate Source of Love. When we learn to love ourselves, then, we can truly love others. 

Video by Victor Antonio (Stephanie Mills, 1976)

"And I've learned that we must look inside our hearts to find a world full of love, like yours, like mine, like home." 
Stephanie Mills, 'Home' from the Wiz

All images are CC0 licensed and free for personal and commercial use.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

To a New Day and a New You!

 I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're doing something.” 
~Neil Gaiman

Tuesday, April 10, 2018