Thursday, April 10, 2014

5 Reasons to Join Vindale

Are you ready to start earning online?

This is your opportunity!

Join Today!
1. Free to Join!

2. Get paid twice a month (usually the 15th and the 30th)!

3. Consistent contests (daily, monthly, FB, Twitter)!

4. A variety of FREE studies (surveys) available daily!

5. Evaluations/offers are optional, NOT mandatory! They pay more but usually a credit card is required!

1. Support questions answered (via e-mail, twitter)

2. Blog plus Facebook plus Twitter = Good communication for members!

Click and Join Today!

The above Vindale image promotes their evaluations where you can earn $5 and up. However, I choose to complete the FREE $1 and up surveys that they call studies on their site!

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