Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Worst Thing You Can Do On Bubblews

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The absolute WORST thing you can do on Bubblews if you really want to start making some money is to copy online content. The character count requirement is so low that even a 4th or 5th grade English speaker could do it. For all International folks, the posts must be in English but it is really a low threshold (400 characters) for starting to make money online. It is a huge global community so there are many people all over the world using this portal to make money!

There are many members who are steadily reporting cheaters everyday (in addition to the admins deleting them) and one of the easiest things to check for is plagiarism. There are many tools online that will allow you to check and find the original source. (See below!)

Bubblews is a really easy site to learn and start earning some cash from so if you are interested in getting paid to write,  click here!

Interested in checking your content against online content, check this site below:

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  1. I am using that engine too to check some of my posts specially when i do post my own recipes. Better be sure with all the contents to be original. lol...

  2. Bubblews is like a ghost town, these day....only a shadow of what it once was.....