Make Money This Week!

Make Money This Week

Update 2018 : All sites still paying and paying well!

All sites listed here will help you make money this week,  I am a believer in multiple forms and sources of income!

Here are a few sites that you can earn on and actually cash-out or see some cash in your account this week!

1) This site is a NO-BRAINER if you use the following sites:

You will earn for searching and/or shopping on just about everything and there is NO MINIMUM CASH-OUT! It's got to be the easiest earner online right now!

I love earning in multiple ways!

2) You can earn passively or actively on this site. 
See my post here:

3 areas of focus: 

- Digital Tracking (passive)
- Surveys (active)
-Referrals (active)

Reputable site that has been around and paying since 2009. Although, they still pay by snail mail, they are LEGIT and they do pay.

If you need a cheat sheet, use this one here for a couple of PAYING SITES for 2017: 

Make your phone work and earn for you!

3) Sell books (used, old, text, yard sale) and get paid. This site is easy to use and will help you get the most bang for your buck!



  1. This is great informations Sharon B, thanks for getting this out here.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Queen! Much appreciated!