Friday, September 30, 2016

Four Badass Ladies

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I wanted to do a quick shout-out/blog post to 4 women who have dedicated themselves to making this planet a better place. I have invested in their products because I believe in their work. None of them have asked me to write this post or any kind of review. I don't know any of them personally and I just felt called or led to do it and that's why I'm doing it!

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1) Cassie

The first slayer is Cassie Parks. You can google her, check out one of her books on Amazon or catch her on a podcast or two. She is all about lifestyle design and helping individuals create their ideal lives. I believe that she is now shifting toward working with entrepreneurs more but most people can benefit from the idea that our business or our work is just one part of our life's equation, our life's journey and she fully understands and pushes this critical point. I love and believe that!

I bumped into Cassie on twitter and started her Manifest 10K course. I haven't quite finished it yet but I go back to all of her information and I am amazed at how much I learn and enjoy her work. To get to know her better, you can check out one of her websites below and make sure to click on the gong when you can (I love that!)

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2) Pam

Pam Grout is amazing and has an incredible blog that anyone and everyone should sign up for immediately. If you like getting something good in your inbox (like I do) then, this woman is for you. You'll get updates if you subscribe to her posts and I always feel lifted and/or lighter anytime I read her material. Pam's newest book is "Thank and Grow Rich." I am currently reading it and am so thankful and grateful that she wrote it. I'll review it here on this blog when I finish it. All I can say is, so far so darn good!  I'll review it here on this blog when I finish it; however, she also has two other books that help you realize how connected and magical we are when we really tap into this wonder-giving universe.

E-Squared and E-Cubed are both available via Amazon and they both contain experiments that you can do to help all of those logical-minded and "that must be too good to be true" folks realize how much the universe wants to give and help us in this world.

I'm not sure how I first encountered Pam but I haven't turned back since. Her blog can be found here:

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3) Christie

I first encountered Christie Marie Sheldon while listening to a web call by Darius Barazandeh (who is a great guy that I also recommend). Her belief is that we all have these internal, energy blocks and once we begin to clear those blocks, then we can live the life that we love. Her programs are designed to help you begin to identify and clear those blocks, releasing you to live the full life that you were meant to live.

I believe that we all have stuff, that we live in a world that can be toxic, negative and sometimes, even unwelcoming. We have to also recognize that all of this stuff can affect us so how do we deal with the emotional, unconscious or possibly even hidden stuff that may be holding us back? I think we have to become conscious of it and then work toward doing something about it so we can blossom, flower and grow into the full potential that we can be.

Christie's programs can help with that!

More information about Christie can be found here:

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4) Marilyn

I also first heard of Marilyn Jenett on a web call. I'm not exactly sure who's call but I've heard her many times since. I know that Darius has also had her on his show several times. She has an awesome book and program called, "Feel Free to Prosper" and it works. If you decide to go on this adventure with her, you will begin to create for yourself more money. I believe that what you focus on will expand, so if you are focused on lack and longing, guess what? You'll naturally begin to create more lack and longing into your life. Marilyn's program will take you through a variety of exercises and activities to step up your thoughts and vibrations about money. When you begin to focus more on money or on abundance, more money/abundance will begin to show up and find its way to you!

Her book is available on Amazon and more info about her can be found here:

I'll also review her book here in the near future.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Want More? Need More? Allow Yourself to Receive More!

Are you saying yes to life?

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Most of us are programmed to say, "No."

How can we experience more out of life?

By saying, "Yes!"

Do you have trouble accepting compliments? If so, start by saying two things, "Yes" and "Thank you."

Start accepting the good that is trying to come to you!

Stop repelling it! Don't ping-pong it back to the person without fully accepting and receiving it.
For example, when someone when someone says, "Thank you," do you immediately turn and say, "No, thank you." If you do this, you just pushed their compliment back to them, without accepting and acknowledging the good they were trying to shower onto you! 

Take a minute, stop and say fully, "You are welcome!" 

If you want more?

Start with a "yes."

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Here's a Quickie:

Look at yourself in the mirror and instead of criticizing, give yourself a compliment.

Say, "Hello Beautiful" Or "Hey, Good-Looking."

Smile and let yourself receive it. For once, give yourself a break, let yourself off the hook!

When someone says, "You look nice."
Say, "Thank you." 
Allow yourself to receive it and own it.

If you want to experience more out of life, start allowing yourself to receive. It's really just that simple! 

Take it all in! Drink in what life has in store for you!

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Take a baby step toward receiving the small things in life and be amazed how much better you feel and how much more shows up!