Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Free Sites that Can Help you Make Money Today

Fall 2017 Update:
Still paying? What's Still Worth it?

Fast Money: The 2 sites that I still use and earn on are #1(Scout Books) and #3 (Savvy) on this list. You will get paid much quicker and much faster with those 2 sites. Find your old books and go to site number 1 to start selling them ASAP. This site pays!

Savvy will also pay you a buck for every referral you send their way that signs up!

There is no reason to be broke period. It’s all a matter of perspective! If what you think about and what you focus on, create your life. Then, that’s the first step. Let’s get into a “what I want mindset” and check the loser talk!

Life is all a matter of perspective:
Start Scouting:

Sometimes you just need to physically move into the direction of your dreams so if you want to make money, I’ll give you three easy sites that you can join or work with today to help you earn.

  1. Scout Books: Most of us have old books laying around the house that we no longer need or want. Go to this site, start entering your ISBN numbers (found on the back or inside of the book) and get rid of the junk. Get rid of the stuff that is laying around your house and start selling it. This site will provide you with book buyers who will pay you and pay for the shipping of the books (to them).

Embrace a new mindset: Abundance is yours for
the taking: Vin-dale

  1. Vin-dale: Join this site and go first to the profile section and complete it. You will earn $2 for this task but you are also creating your income stream; this is how you will be matched for surveys, questionnaires and studies. Use real information so that you will be pre-qualified for the studies that actually match your life. You will also need to enter your real e-mail so that they can send you surveys. You will also need paypal or a real address so that they can pay you. It's simple, be real and get paid! Next check out the blog section and look around. Find the daily question and answer it. It shouldn’t take you more than 2-5 minutes. Give a thoughtful, witty, funny or insightful response and you will probably win 50 cents (not much, but it’s a start and it will grow). When you peruse through the blog, you will see the many ways that people are making money (there are a whole host of ways that you can do it and there’s no reason why you cannot make $50- $100 this week, especially if you are not currently working, busy or in school. Even if you are, if you want this, you CAN achieve this!

Detailed information about how to earn with Vindale can be accessed here:

The only real scarcity is in the limitation of your thinking.
Think big: Get Savvy:
  1. Savvy: There are 2 main ways to earn on this site. The first is signing up with the link to do surveys which once again, I want to reiterate, using your real personal information, so that you can begin to receive your surveys by e-mail (and so that you can get paid--- Savvy pays by sending you real checks in the mail). The second way is truly passive. You sign up for SavvyConnect where you download a small software on your phone, tablet or computer and allow it to conduct behavioral research to see where you spend your time online. I have used Savvy and another site to do this and they pay handsomely. On Savvy, for your first period, you can earn $60 and it also enables you to get paid faster. You can join SavvyConnect at anytime and also cancel it and remove it from your computer.

You do not have to join SavvyConnect to join Savvy. It is just another possibility for earning.

All 3 of these sites will have you earning money today! So, let’s go, get started!


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