Saturday, October 29, 2011

"All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory."
Created by 
Gary Douglass
Access Consciousness

How can a mantra help your life?
Try repeating this phrase so that you can come into a place of acceptance, of conscious acceptance of whatever comes in your life....The Good and the Not So Good.......
This is not an affirmation of trying to conjure up some part or aspect of your life that you want to create or manifest......that usually suggests that something is wrong or out of balance with your life.....

What if that is simply not true? What if you could open yourself up to receiving everything that shows up with ease, joy and glory?????? How does it get any better than that?

Try it.....what's the worse that could happen? You become more of YOU????????

Thursday, October 27, 2011

CPA Marketing.....what is that possibility????

Many Incentivized Freebie Sites (IFWs) engage in what is called CPA marketing. What is that and who cares? Well CPA stands for "cost per action," many several websites, companies, bloggers, are being paid when someone completes a task ususally for a simple action (like e-mail, zipcode, contests, survey, trial offer or other even more complex submissions). When a client or potential customer provides his information, the person who is in charge of that promotion, gets paid. CPA marketers are people like you and me as well as large businesses and organizations.

When we work through freebie sites such as ZNZ or OurLoot2Boot, we are engaging in the CPA Marketing game and getting paid for the potential clients that have agreed to "try before they buy." When these companies pay us, they are paying for a qualified lead which they are paid for through the company that they have contracted with (Equifax, Discover, netflix, blockbuster, etc........)

How does it get any better than that?

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What will you choose? What will you be?

What do you believe?
What do you want?
What will you do?
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Try Before you Buy Offers and Get Paid!!!!!! Make $20 FAST!

This is a visual of how it all works for ZNZ and basically all freebie sites that are out there. You get paid for referring others to free offers and if they like....... a new income opportunity.......
How does it get any better than that?????

Want to get paid for trying some offers before you buy them!!!!!!!! 
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I pay when I receive confirmation from the freebie site!
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Paying $5 for you to check out and complete 2 easy Free offers on ZNZ Blu-Ray:

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Introducing another how about this one, paying $5 for you to check out and complete
ONE offer on Our Loot 2Boot: 

A Loot2Boot Possibility..............

Hey, another freebie opportunity is always waiting right here for you...........

Our Loot2Boot is another freebie network that allows you to get paid at least $20 also for every referral or
friend that will "try before they buy" an offer so once again, once you are are positioned to make $20 plus for every person you send their way.

The beauty of this ONEOFFER Our Loot 2 Boot and ZNZONE is that you will only need to try one offer and you are qualified in......That's it! You're set up and ready to start receiving the cash! Let me ask you, "How does it get any better than that?"

Here's a crediting guide that will help you set your computer up for accepting offers!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A ZNZ Possibility.......

Is it possible to sign up for a site and start making at least $20 per hour for everyone who joins with you?
Absolutely! When you join ZNZONE, you are required to qualify in by trying ONE try before you buy offer.

That's it! You qualify in and then you invite others to do the same!!!!!! There is absolutely nothing for you to lose and money to gain!

How is this even possible?

ZNZ is an online company that partners with Fortune 500 companies who are always looking and hungry for more clients. We assist them by one becoming a potential customer of their "try before you buy" philosophy. We try a product and we're quailfied! We ask others to do the same and are gifted at least $20 each time one of our friends and/or referrals do the same.

How does it get any better than that?

I invite you to join me and start earning with the "try before you buy" concept and once qualified, you will be able to make at least $20 or more for every person you invite in and does the same!

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