Monday, April 14, 2014

I Made $7.50 Quick and Easy Online: Each Buck Counts!

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Just found out I made $7.50 with not much effort. Now I know this amount doesn't sound like much but it all adds up and the effort is done in spare time so not taking away from my other activities or life.

How I did it?

Picked up a referral: Worth $5.00

I still promote the site because it is still paying and many people who have no form of or little income and regular folks are getting paid and creating income for themselves......little by little and I think that's awesome! I promote this site along with others that I believe in some I have variable promotions over social media that include Vindale.

People need opportunities that help them slowly rebuild their lives and show them that they can make money!

Periodically, I will go and look through the blog and enter the daily contest (one question) or the monthly newsletter contest question. Well I was one of the March newsletter winners so ka-ching, that was worth: $2.00 and I won one of the daily contests worth: 50 cents so that brings my grand total for less than 10 minutes of activity done in my spare time to $7.50.

There are many ways to earn with Vindale:
Free Surveys, Daily and Monthly Contests, Image Challenges, Paid Studies and much, much more....

Vindale is an awesome way to start creating a monthly income for yourself, starting from scratch.....

You control your destiny. There are regular people who are earning money every month and you can too!


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