Monday, February 27, 2017

Intentionally Creating Magic

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"I am segment by segment realigning with who I am so that magic happens every time!" ~Abraham Hicks

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Segment Intending Definition by Abraham Hicks:

"I recognize right now where I stand, which is where all of my power is, that I have a set of intentions for here and now and because I want to make the most of this moment which is me meeting source, me meeting my time/space reality.....I'm going stop right now and align with that which I really want."

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We often forget that we are the creators of our lives, but also of our days, of our hours, of our minutes and of our seconds. With segment intending, we get to practice the thoughts that serve us well versus acting unconsciously on automatic, just responding to life. We can decide before we walk in to any situation how we would like for that interaction to work. We can take a moment to think about it, to have some kind of intention about it, instead of just bulldozing in and throwing ourselves directly into the fray or chaos. If we believe that we create our lives with our thoughts, it makes sense to take a moment to set a positive thought-wave toward that which we actually do want. This can also be thought of as taking a moment to align ourselves.

How do we want our mornings to look? Our afternoons? Our days, our weeks? How about our lives? It starts from within and it starts with our thoughts.

My intention with this post is to share with you how I'm making a new and exciting change in my life and that you can too, through the practice of segment intending (if you so choose). My goal is to create more "good" feelings and moments throughout the day everyday. I want to take the time to focus my thoughts on creating the amazing life I want during as many events as I can throughout the day. These events make up our days. These events make up our lives, Our routines, our interactions, our phone calls, our relationships, our work, our projects.....this is the substance of our lives. Basically, my plan is become more intentional in my thoughts and actions.

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I hope that my words serve as an inspiration, a spark, or a balm, or solution or an idea for you. I am choosing to pre-pave, to alert myself and remember that in every single moment I have a choice. In every situation, I can walk in with an intention for good. I can choose to feel good. I can choose how I would like for each event of my day to go. This can be easy and I won't regulate it as another thing to do on my to-do list but as a reminder that I can take a breath before everything. I can take a moment and think, "This is gong to be great. This (_________---you fill in the blank--) can be mutually beneficial and wonderful for both of us." It can be as simple and deciding and making a choice to feel good, to desire good and to "beat the drum" of how I would like for my life to go, of how I would like for my moments to go. We can do this before any new activity, interaction, discussion, phone call or at any point during the day. We can create a new "intentional" habit.

Right now, I'm hoping and intending that you are being encouraged as I type these words. My intent is to remind you that you are indeed a creator and you are here to live the most amazing life that you can (and beyond what you can) imagine. My intent is to awaken in you and me the power that we have to create. We are makers! We are charged with love, joy, potential and capabilities! Let's focus on that! As Abraham says below, "I want our time here together to be uplifting for you and for me."

The power of directing your thoughts leads to the creation and the direction of your life!

Video: Z. Zeahorse

I have included this YouTube video by Z. Zeahorse on the process of segment-intending from Abraham Hicks to help you learn more about segment-intending and how it can possibly benefit you.

Lastly, I hope this post serves as another opportunity or possibility to live as fully as you possibly can. If you decide to do this (or if you already practice this), I would love to hear more about how you incorporate this kind of deliberate intent into your life in the comments below.

So much more to come.......

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