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Social Blogging....WTF?

Bubblews is social blogging!

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Most people get Social Blogging confused!

What is Social Blogging?

Social Blogging is a platform where you can write blogs or articles and interact in a social manner. It is not a formal blog but one that is comparable to a social network where there is a true variety and diversity of information, culture and people learning, growing and sharing in a community. The hard-core rules of writing, language and grammar do not necessarily apply.

Bubblews is such a community that also shares the revenue made with its members at a 50/50 split creating a Facebook-like environment where you can share and learn with people all over the world. You can even invite friends and family to join you and get paid for the things you would normally do online for free.

What Bubblews is NOT!

It is not a content farm, meaning you are not just churning articles or posts for pay or for a buck or two.

It is not a hard-core serious writing site. The motto is "write your world" which you can do within reason, of course. There are many who write about their day, what they eat, what they do, their errands, their kids and that's okay because there is room for all of that.....just like on Facebook. The only and BIGGEST difference between Bubblews and Facebook is that Bubblews will share the revenue that they share with those who use the site. Facebook will not do that. Bubblews pays you for your thoughts and interaction.

Now, I'm not knocking Facebook, you can network, run your business, buy ad space and keep up with family and friends but for the millions that just get on their to chat or surf. You may as well find a site that will allow you to do that and SHARE THE REVENUE. Why not?

What You can Expect to Find on Bubblews:

On Bubblews, you will find a mix of high and low quality posting. It's a global site where for some, English is not their first language and it shows and it's accepted.

It's an easy way to test the waters of writing and blogging online and many can develop their skills or create the habit and discipline of being a blogger.

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