Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Incomparable Wayne Dyer: The Shift

Are you still looking for meaning and purpose in your life?

No worries, I have you covered....

The Shift Movie

Please enjoy this inspirational movie by one of the most incredible men of our time. His life touched so many and although I never met him in person, through his words, his videos and his books, he was a wonderful mentor and teacher to me. I hope you can see and feel his light as well!

My hope is that my postings will help you live a fuller, more inspired and richer life.....

To You: 
You are beautiful and wondrous, just because you were born!


  1. Thanks for sharing Sha. It would be lovely to see this. :)

  2. You are welcome Sweety! I hope you get a chance to watch this movie. It's awesome and worth every minute!