Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Worst Trend Ever on Bubblews

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The worst ongoing trend that you will see all the time during your time at Bubblews starts with this word, "connected." This issue is completely out of control even though it has been discouraged and can possibly get your account deleted. Many people join the site and go around just connecting to all kinds of people but guess what, those people do not have to connect to you and often-times the older, veteran and more seasoned members will not join you. Running around and just connecting is futile and even worse is just writing on someone's profile page that you have done so. When many members see this, they automatically delete your message and just look at you as just a spammer.

How does one get noticed on Bubblews?

1) Quality Posting---Make lively posts that people want to read; they can be encouraging, engaging, entertaining, fun-filled, informative, etc......

2) Follow/connect with people that you enjoy reading.

3) Leave great comments so that people will want to come and find you (and guess what they will).....

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