Saturday, September 5, 2015

Wayne Dyer: The Seven Faces of Intention

 According to Wayne Dyer and his wonderful book, The Power of Intention, there are 7 faces of intention which includes:
    1. Creativity: We were made by a Power, so infinite, so great and so creative that all things emanate from that Source. The creative spirit that made you is also IN you. 
    2. Courtesy: Dan

      You were born to create!
    3. Kindness: "Kindness extended, received or observed" is beneficial to both the receiver and the giver.
    4. Love: That which "encourages, enhances and support all of Life."
    5. Beauty: "The face of beauty is always present, even where others see non-beauty."
    6. Expansion: "Life continually expands toward more life."
    7. Unlimited Abundance: We were created from a boundless, limitless being. There are no limits to our minds or our potential.
    8. Receptivity: Say yes to your connection to the Universal Source that created you. Live in harmony knowing that as you are here to give, you can also live in a magnanimous state of receiving. 
If we focus our minds and hearts in this way, Dyer believed that we are able to not only live limitlessly but also co-create the life that we have always desired.....

What area of intention can you seek to dwell on today? 
I invite you to share your point of view in the comments.....

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    1. Is there any one face that stands out more than the others Sweety?

  2. Is there any one face that stands out more than the others Sweety?