Thursday, December 24, 2015

Earn Money Online for Free: (Quick) Cheat Sheet for Savvy and Vindale


Survey Savvy

-- Accepted Member Communities: Global.

-- Earning Opportunities: Surveys, Digital Tracking (USA) via SavvyConnect.

-- Surveys: Available on Site and are Sent Via E-Mail.

-- Referrals: Patented referral system that pays you when your referrals complete surveys AND when your referral's referrals complete surveys. It is NOT mandatory for you to refer to get paid.

-- $1 Cash-out Minimum.

--Payments: Paper checks sent to tour home.

--Join for FREE here

Beginning Steps

1) Join the site for free here:

2) Complete your registration and member portraits. (The more accurate and complete the better.)

3) Interested in making more, sign up for Savvy Connect, download the software and start earning for digital tracking.

4) Complete a survey, if available, or begin earning with the software.

Video Tutorial:


UPDATE 7/2017:
Vindale is still LEGIT and does pay; however I choose not to spend much time there, so it has become a slow payer for me because of the $50 payout threshold. 

-- Accepted Member Communities: USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

-- Earning Opportunities: Surveys, Daily Questions, Paid Polls, Various Contests (Photo, Captions....), Reward Codes, ...

-- Surveys: Available on Site and are Sent Via E-Mail.

-- Other Earnings: Member (Payment) Photos, Member of the Month, ...

-- Referral Program: Earn $5 per Active Referral (not mandatory, you do NOT have to refer to earn)

-- Payments: PayPal or Paper Check (sent to your home address)

-- Fully Accessible Blog: Resources for Earnings both onsite and on other sites.

-- Join for FREE here

Beginning Steps:

1) Take the leap and join (preferably with someone who is willing to help you):

2) Complete your profile fully. Vindale pays $2 for you to do this and it ensures that you get the surveys that match you (and your lifestyle).

3) Get your feet wet. Find a short and sweet survey/study to complete.

4) Visit the blog and explore. (That fabulous gold box)

5) Read through some of the daily questions and answers. Reading the answers will give you a sense of the types of answers that can earn you some money. Find a daily question or paid poll to complete. Usually, there are daily questions that you can earn from but the site is currently on winter break until the first of the year.

Video Tutorial:


  1. These are helpful tips. Happy New Year buddy!

    1. Sometimes a quick cheat sheet is easier for some people Sweety! Wishing you an awesome 2016!

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