Monday, November 23, 2015

The FreeEats Network
UPDATE- 12/5/15
Referral Credits--Referral Credits can take up to 3-4 business days to credit so don't get discouraged. For more information, make sure to refer to the "referrals page."

Free Eats is one of the easiest ways to earn online right now and is being heavily promoted on many social networks (for ONE really good reason------ It Works!). Now, you will not get rich quick but it is something easy to add to your online making money adventures.

So what exactly is Free Eats?

It's a "pay to view" mobile network that actually pays you directly for receiving (ad) messages or even answering one-question, multiple-choice surveys.

I love the fact that they will even pay you to sign up. After you complete the signup, $1 will be sent to your PayPal account (make sure that your mobile phone number is attached to your paypal account for payment). I didn't believe this site was real until I actually signed up and received payment, as they stated, within one day!

Another thing I love is that you will get your referral payments of $1 (also) sent directly to your account. There is nothing to log-in to and request. IT'S ALL AUTOMATIC!

Just as easy as it is to join, you can also easily discontinue by sending a "STOP" text at any time. I've haven't received that many messages so it has not been annoying or distracting in any way for me.

I invite you to try out this no-brainer network! Sign-up and see what you think! Like I stated earlier, it's one of the easiest online earners that I have seen in a very long time!


  • Free to Join! No charges ever!
  • Get paid $1 just for signing up!
  • Get paid for the content and ads that you view on your phone!
  • Get paid $1 for every referral who joins you!
  • Automatic payments! No need to sign into the site and make requests!
  • Register more than one number (make sure that they are connected to your paypal account for payment)
  • Paid via PayPal---one of the safest payment processors on the internet!
  • Legitimate: latest pay proof below!

FreeEats Proof!

One more payment:



  1. Wow. This is pretty cool. Do they need cellphone number friend Sha? I have a mobile phone but no number. Lol...

    1. Oh, Sweety M, you have to enter a number when you go to the site. How do you have a mobile phone with no number? LOL That's different.

    2. Just for internet purposes I guess. Lol...

    3. Did you try to sign up Sweety? You should. I love that they'll pay you a buck just for signing up and if you refer anyone, they'll pay both of you a buck!

  2. I will try to check on it Sha. Thank you! :)

    1. No worries, I was just wondering if you had tried to join. I think I was just taken aback because I didn't know how you get have a mobile phone without a number (even google voice has a number but that site doesn't accept that---has to be a cell or smartphone)....Hope you're doing swell!!!!!