Friday, November 13, 2015

How to Give Back and Get $30 in School Clothes!

This site has just been brought to my attention and I'm loving it and actually thinking about how I can help them grow in my area.

The name of the site is Schoola and it was started as by a parent, who was also a former teacher and principal, who saw first hand how fundraising directly impacted the extra programs that kids need to be successful in school. We often forget that trips, sports music and many arts programs are actually sustained by the fundraising efforts of the school, the parents and the students. Federal funds are generally not enough so she created this program that could keep "violins, baseballs, and paintbrushes" in the hands of students when funding was cut or drastically reduced. She started with a simple clothing drive and provided a means for parents to purchase quality and gently used clothing. The money raised from the drives went to help fund these much needed programs.

Any parent with growing kids can appreciate picking up some extra clothes on the cheap and also the idea of supporting much needed programs in all of our schools.  It benefits all of us when we help kids find their strengths and grow! 

I BELIEVE this idea is GENIUS and we should all get behind it to help our communities to grow!

What's sweet about the program for right now is that Schoola is running a powerful promotion to get their name and cause out there all over the web!

You can try it and get up to $30 of free clothes and help a few schools around the country for FREE!

I love this idea, talking about a WIN-WIN!

Here is how you can take advantage of this promotion (and I don't know how long it will last, so it's best to not drag your feet):

1) Click this link:

2) Look for the Login or Join link, and click it. If you are using a cell phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "view full screen." 

3) When you create your account, you will get a $15 credit and then, in your e-mail (that you will receive after joining), you'll automatically get a code for 25% off. (Make sure to copy this code before checking out so you can get the discount.)

4) Next click on collections, and then the last notch should read "+ a new collection," click that. Then select a category, brand or size and hit save collection and name it, that should generate another $10 in credit (for creating a collection).

5) Next, shop around the site (for up to $30 worth of items).

6) Go to your shopping bag and you should see your credits. Scroll down and add in your discount code (from your e-mail) and your new balance should be 0 or a credit if you did not spend the entire $30. The shipping is free, for now! So hurry!

7) They will ask for a credit card to check out and charge you nothing because your balance should be 0 or a credit. I entered mine and I WAS NOT charged. I just went through this entire process and it worked like a charm. If you have any questions after visiting the site, please feel free to ask.

I was advised that brand new items will not work toward the credits. I just picked up cute things that my niece would like since she's growing so fast. If she doesn't, I'll donate them.  They're free, after all! Someone will be able to enjoy this FREE gift!

8) You and your friends, family, contacts and referrals will earn $20 credits (if you like the site, share the love with them and you both will get a $20 credit for the site---How awesome is that)!

It's time for us to help our families, our schools and communities!
Schoola is a wonderful way for you to get involved!
No Brainer and a Win-Win!


  1. This is a brilliant idea and a great opportunity to help. Thanks for sharing Sha. :)

    1. I hope you get a chance to try this one Sweety! It's worth it! I am in love with this concept!