Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Vindale Questions and Answers (My FAQs)

This post is designed to cover the questions that I get online or via e-mail regarding Vindale. It's one of my favorite and one of the best money-making sites online where you can earn for FREE. It's great for beginners or anyone who wants to add an additional side hustle or income.

I have written an extensive post about Vindale here: 

My plan is to continue to update that page with important info as it is released from the site!

Today, I just want to focus on the 5 questions that I get from referrals or prospects almost everyday.

1) How do I cash-out at Vindale?

I created a short and sweet video to help all who may be lost or just can't seem to find the information on the site. Oh and yes, today is payday so congrats to all who received Vindale payment notices like this today:

That's always a good feeling, isn't it? But, I can do even a little better. This notice came from paypal about 15 minutes later!

Now, that's not too shabby. A bill can be paid with that.
Watch the video to find out how to get your cash!

UPDATE: 6/2016: My video was removed due to a copyright conflict (I used actual footage from the site which is a no-no in the internet world without written permission----Sorry Vindale!)

Once you have explored the site, finding this information is quite simple but I am always willing to share the information for anyone who needs it.

2) Where's this blog (that you're always talking about)?

I think the blog is one of the most important areas of the site. I always say that it's the gold box that's located on the right side. Here's a visual:

As you can see, there is the account balance that shows your verified earnings up until this point ( I took this screenshot a couple of days ago). Then, you see some preliminary information on how you can earn more (this is definitely for newbies----it's apparent by the first line: verify your e-mail). Then, the next box, you can click to learn about your referrals and lastly, there is the gold box---which is where the blog is located and it's a wealth of information.

3) What's up with my referrals? I only been credited with 2 out of my 4 referrals?

Vindale will only credit you for active referrals, which means that your referral needs to:

1) Join (of course) through your referral link. It looks like this: http://tryvindale.com/V3SFCdsdr

2) Complete their profile (Vindale offers a $2 incentive to everyone for fully completing their profile).

3) Lastly, complete at least one survey or study. 

These activities show that these individuals are serious about joining the site and becoming a part of the community.

4) Where are these (supposedly) easy daily questions?

They are located in the blog area in the center area as well as listed on the side. Once I click, the gold box (from above), the blog page opens and you will see all sorts of fun boxes and links to click on, just look for the Daily Question and click and answer. You don't want to get to the end of a pay cycle and be a $1 or $2 short. Those questions add up and can be just you need to get you over the top! 

Today's daily question:

Quick tip: Always keep track of your wins and check to make sure you are being properly credited. They are human too and sometimes a contest win might be missed but they are quick to credit it and resolve the situation (so no reason to despair).

5) How can I make more with Vindale?

a) Look for more opportunities in the blog. 
  • I have been the member of the month. 
  • I have gotten paid for sending a picture of myself with a payment.
  • I have won all types of contests (newsletter, captions, photos).
  • Answer the daily questions, be creative and insightful and start earning from that (Remember, it adds up!)
  • They even have resources in the blog for other ways to make money besides Vindale.
  • After you have a decent grasp of the site, refer people and earn $5 per active referral. I believe that if you promote it, you should be able to answer questions and help people as well and as needed. Most people will give up without support.
  • Have fun and do surveys that make sense for your time! Today, I saw surveys for as little as 30 cents and as high as $5. Surveys fill up fast so don't be surprised if you don't get through. For me, I'm not going to do a 30 cent survey for 10 minutes but I may do a 15 minute survey for $2.75. If I'm home and watching tv anyway, I may do more that will at least pay $1 and above. You will need to work out the strategy that works best for you.

Well, that's it for now. I hope that I have given you a few nuggets to help you excel at Vindale! Happy Earnings for now and as always, if you have any questions, please leave a comment, a message or an e-mail.

Not a member yet, but like what you see, join here and get the help you need from me. Add this money-maker to your life today and start getting paid: http://tryvindale.com/V3SFCdsdr


  1. Yap, speaking of a contest win. How can I send them a notice that they didn't credit my one winning? Thanks Sha! :))

  2. Great question because this does happen. One thing that you can do is to add a little note when you answer today's daily question. So, today's question is about Star Wars so I would just answer the question as usual and then ask separately (skip a line or two) in a way like this, "Can you please check and credit me for question 1033 (write the correct number here, I made that one up), I won the daily contest but I didn't receive credit. Thank you." That's usually how I follow up with that (or if I win back-to back, I'll just add a note when I provide my referral code for credit).

    Usually, you will be credited soon and if not, just follow up. They are good about following up and giving you credit.

    Let me know how it works out,

  3. I have a question the second payment is via paypal? or is always check, because my first payment only allows me to check.. and because the site does not pay my referrals??? thank you

    1. Thanks so much for your question Decida! You should see a choice between paypal and check. If not, you may want to contact support. To cashout, you should have at least $50 available. If that req has been met, then you should see a choice but get the definitive answer from the support team.

      I will be adding a post later today specifically about referrals. Vindale wants active referrals not just any referral (which means they sign up with your link, they complete their profile and they complete at least one study or survey. They want active members and not just deadheads who join with your link.

      I hope that answers your questions and let me know what support says. The next payout is at the end of the month so let us know how that goes. Have a great day!