Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't Do This (A New "Tips Series on Bubblews) #3


Don't Resort to Silly Tricks!

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It may seem cool to get great views from writing provocative or suggestive post titles. I have seen a few of these blog posts recently featured on the front page of Bubblews, but it's a cheap way to get people to view your work.

Stick to writing good content and think of attention-grabbing titles that match your post. You don't have to trick anyone to read your work. Decent quality posts get read. Go for even better quality and you might just start going viral on the site and garner a following.

You do not want a poor reputation or to be known as one who uses cheap titles to get views. You're better than that and trust me, the more you write, the better you will get. There are also many sites and writers online who are willing to give you lots of FREE advice about how to write great titles, so don't look for poor tricks that may ultimately get you in trouble or make people want to avoid you like the plague.

TIP 3: Write interesting and eye-catching titles but don't go the way of the sleazy......

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