Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Do This (A New "Tips" Series on Bubblews)

Don't Do This (1)
A New "Tips" Series
for Bubblews

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When you join Bubblews....okay, I'm being presumptuous that if you are reading this that you are either already a member or you are thinking about becoming a member of Bubblews soon.

If you are thinking of becoming a member, do it. You have nothing to lose. Instead of just wandering around the internet  and surfing for free, you can spend some of your time on Bubblews and start earning. It's easy to join but also easy to mess up.

Here the read and join link if you need it, click it, join and then come back here for your tips:  http://bit.ly/ucanblog4money

There is uncontrollable issue on Bubblews with people running around and asking people to connect or letting others know that they have connected, stay away from this practice. It's annoying and against the terms (which you should definitely read). It could also cost you your account. So many people are doing it, you could think that it's okay to do it. I have even seen people commenting on blogs that they have connected. This is a questionable and prevalent problem on the site. Don't fall for this and don't do this.

Build connections that right way by following people you like and enjoy reading their work. I have written more on the topic of connections here:

You do not need to run around and tell everyone that you have connected to them. They will see your name in their comments (when you respond to their posts) and they will connect to you if they like. Most older members ignore and delete comments that say "connected" on their profile so don't do this!

DISCLAIMER: All thoughts and advice given on this site belong to me and is not affiliated with Bubblews admin or support. These are my personal feelings and opinions to help you to succeed on Bubblews.

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