Sunday, August 30, 2015

Have You Been Duped?


Starkist Tuna: Claim form 11/20/15.

Starkist is settling for basically selling less tuna that what is ACTUALLY stated on the cans. If you purchased it from 2009-2014. Check here and see if you are owed some money:

UPDATE 10/4/15:

Have you purchased Kashi Products, the all-natural brand? Then you may be owed some money if you purchased those items from 2008-2015 under the guise of thinking their products were "all-natural."

Find out more here:

Did Linked-In misuse your "add-connections" feature by e-mailing your contacts using your personal information? Double check here:

UPDATE: 9/8/15:

The newest settlement is from Michael Kors Outlets. If you have shopped at any Michael Kors Outlet in 2013-2014, you may be entitled to some money back. Head over to and find out more.

The premise of the suit is that the MSRP or Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price is the actual price that the designer charges or recommends. In this case, the price that Michael Kors, would charge for a particular item and then, it shows the outlet price (hence, giving the allusion of how much you are saving).


In all actuality, many designers have outlet stores and they design and manufacturer products specifically for the outlet stores that never appear with their high-end merchandise or in high-end stores. So when you shop outlets,  remember that you are buying the designer's "bargain" label and not the exclusive one.

I think every American should check periodically the Top Class Action (Lawsuit) site, at least periodically.


I find that we (as the American public) are often lied to.....

Many companies will state that their products are, "Made In America" when, indeed, they're not. Or they will say that a product is, "all-natural," when indeed, it is not.

Well, this is a problem, especially because many of us make our decisions to buy something or not, based on a label. Well, it's unfortunate that many labels cannot be trusted.

I visited the site today and found out that there was a price-fixing scheme that affected fresh potatoes that were sold in Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and Wisconsin. If you are a consumer of potatoes and live in one of those states, you should check and see if this class action lawsuit pertains to you. I buy potatoes all the time, so it was relevant for me.

There is also a suit against Starkist Tuna for basically selling less (tuna) than what they claim so that company has also decided to settle out of court.

I wish that we could trust what are labels were saying and that companies were truthful. Now, I don't believe that ALL companies are fraudulent, I know there are many who do the right thing but unfortunately there are also many companies who will do anything make more money and turn more of a profit. It is because of these businesses that we have to be careful and call them out on their wrongdoing.

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