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The (Unofficial) Dummies Guide to Social Blogging on Bubblews

Quickie Update: 
Blog-lorn: Left Behind but Not Forgotten!

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It's been a long time since I updated this blog but I am ready to begin some type of regular posting here. It's hard balancing an online and offline life but it can be doable! At least, I think so, with reasonable goals....

Regarding Bubblews: I am still on the site and it continues to pay, so if you are interested in social blogging, this site does give you a beginning and a start into the world of blogging. It also provides a way to begin a writing practice or discipline on a regular basis. The site has an increased redemption threshold of $50, up from $25 but it's manageable. If you write on a regular basis and interact consistently, it will provide you with a nice tidy sum of an extra income. Some people who put in regular (full-time, 8 hours a day) hours are making $800 and up every month.

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The Unofficial Guide to Social Blogging on Bubblews
Bubblews: Basic Rules (More than reasonable and easy to follow)

1) Write your own Content. No plagiarism allowed. Don't copy anything that does not belong to you (words or images, period).

2) Don't try to shortcut or undercut the system by cheating with traffic exchanges, IP manipulation or joining with people who want to share likes and/or comments and such....

3) Do not submit posts with mostly pictures and no real texts (words). On this site, words are cherished and the minimum is definitely doable!

4) Write a minimum of 400 characters (around 120-130 words). There are a ton of character counter tools online or in MS Word or Google Docs. Here's an easy and popular one here that you can use to count your characters:

5) No Porn! This is a family site! Save it for your adult sites, if that's your flavor....

6) Posts are required to be in English! Be careful with translators as they are not always reliable.

7) Do not post affiliate or referral links period in your posts, comments, on others' profile pages period.

8) Do not post any "solicitor" links in your comments to other people in an attempt to get them to view (like or comment on) your posts. Bubblews doesn't like solicitation of any kind.

9) Writing anything about being connected or just connected or connect back unto someone's profile is a highly frowned upon and discouraged (yet viral) practice on Bubblews. Stay away from this!

10) Refrain from continual writings of redemptions. We all like to know that others are getting paid but some people create a series of posts around the idea of redeeming and how much until redemption and being scared of redemption (just too much thinking, talking, wondering and asking about redemption----It all has been discouraged by Bubblews Admin!)

Ready to Start Writing and Getting Paid for Social Blogging, join here: 

Use the Bubblews platform to be you, express yourself and hone your writing skills:
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