Sunday, May 5, 2013

3 Reasons to Join Bubblews

3 Reasons to Join Bubblews

by Beaufly

What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is a site that combines social networking and blogging. It is simply an ingenious and innovative platform that allows people from all over the globe to share that little space, their little bubble of the world. If you would like to interact with people in a community and like to share and express yourself in writing, then Bubblews is for you.

3 Reasons 

1) Freedom 
You have the freedom to write about your life in any way that you want. Now, there are rules but they are not there to limit you. The rules are there to support a wholesome family-friendly community. No porn or abuse of any nature is allowed. This is not a place for referral or affiliate links. This is a place to write and share about your life.

2) Sharing
It's nothing like sharing your life and your world with someone. On Bubblews, there are many someones to share your life with and to find like-minded folks to connect with. Any experience, passion, love, interest, joy, challenge, question or pain can be shared there. Everything becomes more interesting when people offer feedback, comments and fascinating perspectives. Human-beings are  inherently social so this activity helps to engage us and make us think and wonder. We laugh, we cry, we help, we empathize, we're there! Bubblews is more than a website. It's a community. Bubblews is a Movement!

3) Earn
Bubblews pays you for your participation. It pays to post, to like, to comment and to make connections. It all adds up. The more your participate, the more you can earn, given that you can follow the rules and the terms. It is very important to understand the rules and the terms and they can be accessed here:

Bubblews is truly more than another writing or social networking website! It is more than another online community! It is a Movement! Will you join us and change the way the we interact and participate on the internet!

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