Sunday, May 19, 2013

Bubblews Success Tip 2

Bubblews Success Tip 2

Bubblews VIP List!

On some sites, there are very important things you should know like expectations, rules and terms. Just as important as these things are, it is also very important to know who the VIPs are. The beauty of Bubblews is that the VIPs are actually on the site and interacting with the members! They are people that you will often get a chance to see a real "in-time, in-the-moment" comment from. I love that our founder and support team are so accessible! To learn about who these VIP's are, please click below:

If you are looking for a truly wonderful site, that is great for newbie writers, why not start the process with us, Bubblews might just be the social blogging platform you need to get your feet wet or to grow your brand even stronger! Find out more about bubbling (blogging) with us below:

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