Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Inspired by Abraham Hicks: Be Easy

©2015 Beaufly 

It is so important for all of us to be easy with ourselves, not beat up on ourselves for things that we think we should be doing, or goals that we think should have been achieved by now or long ago.

©2015 Beaufly
The important thing to do is appreciate yourself where you are right now, in this moment, living, breathing and enjoying this very beautiful moment, that is now. 

©2015 Beaufly

We can choose to live in the past or be frustrated by what our eyes see right now OR we can choose to create a good feeling and turn our mind's gaze unto all that is RIGHT in our lives right now (as this is truly what is creating our future).


  1. So True. I choose being not to worry about in little things and be thankful and grateful.

    1. Thanks for commenting Sweety! It sounds like you are in the space to see miracles! So often, we forget to be thankful and in awe of the everyday miracles that happen every single day!