Monday, July 11, 2016

Amazing You and Amazing Me!

This blog is evolving. Yes, it will still include ways to earn but lately, I'm in a mode of just simply stated, "AMAZING."

Amazing World!
Amazing Life!
Amazing Love!
Amazing You and ......
Amazing Me!

We are all amazing yet we live in a world that will slowly tick away at our uniqueness and we find ourselves competing to be something other than ourselves. This is ends now and today! Be intentional!

Today, I celebrate me!

Today, I say, "Thank God (Universe, Source,....) for me AND you!"

Today, I am thankful for having a cool home on a hot day!

Today, I am thankful for the nap I needed after coming in from the heat.

Today, I know that God always has my back and I know that everything is working for me now!


And remember, "all things are working for your good because He's intentional!"

Travis Greene Vevo
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I am just sharing this video for inspiration!
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  1. Beautiful and a wonderful encouragement indeed!

  2. Glad that you enjoyed the post Sweety! Also happy to connect with you on Twitter!