Saturday, February 7, 2015

Blessings: What you Focus on, Expands!

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Since I believe that whatever you focus on expands, I want to start listing and writing about everyday miracles. I don't think we focus on the good enough, we definitely are conditioned and surrounded by the bad and the negative but I'm in the mindspace that I have abandoned from many years ago: Focus on the positive!

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At one time in my life, my goal was to become the most positive person I know. I achieved that for awhile but then I slid back into the sad realities of everyday life and its focus on the negative so I am returning to love, to joy and what's real....
I hope more people will join me in this quest.

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Blessings for the week ending 2/7/15:
  1. Friend's biopsy is cancer-free!
  2. Another friend had an amazing job talk/interview at a wonderful university.
  3. Son got a job interview at a place where's he's been wanting to work.
  4. Redemption was waiting for me at 3 sites
    1. Survey Savvy: Great survey site!
      1. Check it out here:
    2. Vindale: Another wonderful survey site!
      1. Cashout at $50 but worth it!
    3. Mindfield
      1. Find out more here:
  5. Won a canvas print from tweeting on SuperBowl Sunday!
What about you? Let's start focusing on the good and the wonderful! Let's recognize and focus on everyday miracles and start a new kind of revolution!

What say you? Let's hear about it in the comments below!

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