Wednesday, November 2, 2011

ZNZ Demystified!!

ZNZ Demystified!!!!

1) What is ZNZ?
ZNZ is a marketing company that partners with Fortune 500 companies to help them obtain potential and new customers.

Once we sign-up with ZNZ, we are set to make $20, $30 or more for every referral (every person that signs up and completes an offer {or offers, if you choose a ZNZ site other than ZNZONE}).

2) Why do companies pay for customers?
Companies advertise so that they can acquire customers and make money.

3) Why do I have sign up and complete an offer to start working?
Companies are paying for legitimate "potential" customers. Their hope is that you will keep the trial and
hopefully love their product and/or service and keep it. However, this situation is considered "try" before you buy. You only have to try an offer. You do not have to keep it (period).

4) Why do I need a credit card?
You will need a credit or debit card when you sign up for your free offer. Let's think  about this, if you
called or signed up with Netflix for a free trial, they will require a credit card from you to put on file and
after that trial period is up, IF you have NOT cancelled, they will charge you and continue the service automatically. All free offers work this way. This is not some type of ZNZ trick. We are working with
real and legitimate companies that operate this way with ZNZ or not.

5) Is this a scam?
No this is legitimate work that you can do from home. ZNZ pays and will continue to pay for quality and
qualifying leads.

6) How does ZNZ make money?
ZNZ earns their money from the companies that hire them for new and potential client acquisition and they share some of their earnings with us.

7) How do I make money?
You make money by signing up new and potential clients in ZNZ who complete the free offer (or offers if you are dealing with other sites besides ZNZONE). You make $20 (ZNZONE) for each person who completes the trial offer (and followed the rules: real info, 1 IP, 1 household). We even show you step by step how to set up, promote/advertise and give you a ton of free ads to use as templates for your won ads. You can copy and paste but it's best to be original.

8) How much can I make?
It depends on how much you want to work. Some people make $20 a day and some make $150-$200 a day. It is entirely up to you and your advertising and promotion efforts. I promote several ZNZ sites and the lowest one yields $20 a referral. I also promote both on and offline. (I am always willing to help and brainstorm with you!)

9) What sets ZNZ apart?
ZNZ will require an ID before your first payout. You can block or cross out everything because they are just verifying your address.

10) What about taxes?
ZNZ will require you to fill out a tax form before hitting the $600 earning threshold. All companies must report any income over $600. They will send you reminders and you will not be paid over that threshold until you have sent in the proper documentation.

Other Facts and Tips!

1) Only 1 person allowed per household and per IP address.
2) Use all REAL information, if you do not, you will not be paid and your account will go on HOLD.
3) You will receive training help and a site that walkks you through step by step if you join the FREE CASH MACHINE:

Ready? You have nothing to lose!
Sign up for ZNZ ONE here:

Want to make more:
ZNZ Blu-Ray pays $30 a referral (can usually complete 2 offers and you're in---let me know if you need help):

ZNZ PlayStation pays $40 a referral (3 or 4 offers and you're in--let me know if you need help):

Some people will complete their offer and when ZNZ requests more info like an ID, they get discouraged. Let me ask you something, did you ever get discouraged when a traditional employer asked you to verify
who you were with an ID or something to verify you are who you say you are. Probably not? The challenge in these times is that there are less and less traditional employers.

You can create your income and make money in your own house, on your own time. You can learn how
to promote and advertise and you can be successful. Can you handle all of that? Are you ready?

If so, I would love to work with you and I will be happy to explain more or help you in any way I can! I sure hope to see you on the other side!

Wishing you all of the happiness that you can hold!!!!!

More Faqs for ZNZ can be found here:

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