Saturday, January 2, 2016

Digital Tracking: How You Can Make Money from Survey Savvy and SavvyConnect

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I've been getting a ton of questions about the digital tracking that I've been promoting through Survey Savvy. Most people are familiar with the survey site itself where you earn for completing online surveys and you earn for referrals. It's straightforward and I created a quick cheat sheet for the basic version of the site here:

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The Basics

-The basic premise or idea behind digital tracking is simple. 

-Think about when you visit a website and many of them (without your express permission) leave a tracking cookie so that when you leave they can track your online behaviors. 

-That's why when you leave one site and go to another, you often see something that you have previously seen, visited or searched. 

-This activity is not by chance, it is the result of the (tracking) cookie that is following you and trying to show you potential ads that you may click on and at some point, subsequently buy something. 

-You can get around some of this behavior by regularly clearing your cookies in your preferences and settings when you're online.

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How to Get Paid for Digital Tracking

* Now, let's think about this, what if you could get paid for this tracking? 

* What if a site actually asked you to download a small software for this purpose and then they paid you every month? 

* It's not trickery or thievery or just following you without your permission. It is adding (or aggregating your data) with many others to follow online behaviors of groups, not just you, individually. 

* You will not be sold anything or asked to do anything extra. You just keep tracking for a period of time and you can quit or uninstall at any time. 

* However, to get paid, you have to keep it for the initial period that you agreed to.

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Sign Up and Start Earning

1) Join:

2) Download the SavvyConnect application.

3) Log-in to the main Survey Savvy site to make sure your device (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet, etc....) is "active." (You may have to re-start or reboot but often, you do not).

4) You will also be provided with many other opportunities to earn such as surveys but they are NOT required in order for you to get paid.

5) You can also refer your friends and relatives for more incentives (pay) but once again, this is NOT required for you to get paid through the SavvyConnect program.

Benefits of SavvyConnect

1) Make Money Passively: Now, you have the opportunity to earn money passively by just being online, doing what you normally do.

2) Owning your Own Behavior: Instead of companies taking it upon themselves to monetize your data, you are owning and making money off of your usage instead of them.

2) Your data is NOT being sold or farmed. It is a part of a larger data set for research and analysis (not just a company tracking you and trying to sell you something).

3) CHOICE: If you choose to refer, make great referral bonuses for anyone who joins with your referral link.

4) CHOICE: If you choose to complete surveys, make even more money.

TIP: Make sure to sign into the SurveySavvy website and make sure your device is showing as "active."


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    1. Always trying to share the free and the good news! Thanks Sweety!