Thursday, October 27, 2011

CPA Marketing.....what is that possibility????

Many Incentivized Freebie Sites (IFWs) engage in what is called CPA marketing. What is that and who cares? Well CPA stands for "cost per action," many several websites, companies, bloggers, are being paid when someone completes a task ususally for a simple action (like e-mail, zipcode, contests, survey, trial offer or other even more complex submissions). When a client or potential customer provides his information, the person who is in charge of that promotion, gets paid. CPA marketers are people like you and me as well as large businesses and organizations.

When we work through freebie sites such as ZNZ or OurLoot2Boot, we are engaging in the CPA Marketing game and getting paid for the potential clients that have agreed to "try before they buy." When these companies pay us, they are paying for a qualified lead which they are paid for through the company that they have contracted with (Equifax, Discover, netflix, blockbuster, etc........)

How does it get any better than that?

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