Thursday, September 15, 2016

Want More? Need More? Allow Yourself to Receive More!

Are you saying yes to life?

Courtesy: DTS

Most of us are programmed to say, "No."

How can we experience more out of life?

By saying, "Yes!"

Do you have trouble accepting compliments? If so, start by saying two things, "Yes" and "Thank you."

Start accepting the good that is trying to come to you!

Stop repelling it! Don't ping-pong it back to the person without fully accepting and receiving it.
For example, when someone when someone says, "Thank you," do you immediately turn and say, "No, thank you." If you do this, you just pushed their compliment back to them, without accepting and acknowledging the good they were trying to shower onto you! 

Take a minute, stop and say fully, "You are welcome!" 

If you want more?

Start with a "yes."

Courtesy: DTS
Here's a Quickie:

Look at yourself in the mirror and instead of criticizing, give yourself a compliment.

Say, "Hello Beautiful" Or "Hey, Good-Looking."

Smile and let yourself receive it. For once, give yourself a break, let yourself off the hook!

When someone says, "You look nice."
Say, "Thank you." 
Allow yourself to receive it and own it.

If you want to experience more out of life, start allowing yourself to receive. It's really just that simple! 

Take it all in! Drink in what life has in store for you!

Courtesy: DTS

Take a baby step toward receiving the small things in life and be amazed how much better you feel and how much more shows up!


  1. Beautiful! I like wonderful compliments. Hehehe... Take care my friend.

    1. I just had a reminder of this thought---this week. My sis was asking me for something that just seemed unreasonable and unlikely. I got to "yes" but it was definitely easier said than done. I hope you are finding more ways to say yes, buddy!