Monday, July 20, 2015

The Journey to Making Money Online

When you are first looking to learn online. Start with the first step! As Lao Tzu stated, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step."

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The first step is simple. Making your first dollar; your first five, ten and so doesn't have to be painful but it does takes some patience and perseverance.

Don't get discouraged and have fun while you learn. The internet is full of opportunities and scams. The possibilities are endless but start small and slowly grow in an area that you feel comfortable in. It could be doing surveys. It won't make you rich but it's a start. It may be writing. You could provide content via your own blog, website or write for others. You could freelance. Some folks design logos, websites or provide all kinds of images for people who are seeking them.

Then there is a whole world of selling: being an affiliate (taking a commission to help sell other people's stuff) or selling your own wares (selling on sites that help you sell your own things). The key is tapping into things that you do well or best. Below, you will find a few sites to get you started:

Easy Survey Site that Pays Fast:

Easy Referral Site:
Sign up for 1.0 in offers and then ask others to do the same and earn $25 per Referral (this site is paying $27 per Referral):

More instructions for (making money with) referral sites are here:

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