Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Bubble Slowed and Has Now Popped: Bubblews

Bubblews Update (07/2015): 
The Bubble Has Popped!
No Longer Recommended as a Paying Site

Image by Michelle Meicklejohn*

Bubblews was once one of my favorite blogging sites that actually was an innovator. The site paid you to help create the content that was available to read or view online. Actually, you were paid for helping them to build the barely three year old site.

I had so many friends and connections on the site that it was just a blast to pop in, post and make a few coins. Now, many of my old friends have left because of a lack of communication, transparency and payment issues. It has drastically changed from its initial beginnings. Most of it due to spammers and possibly not being prepared to handle the incredible growth and onslaught of all kinds of people that crammed into the site over a short period of time.

Although many people are calling foul and spam, I will say that the owners and admin seem to be trying to help the site rebound and will now be paying at a much, much slower rate. Gone are the 1 cent a view, 1 cent a like and 1 cent a comment coins that used to fill up the bank rather quickly, now it will be months before anyone can reach the $50 payment threshold.

If you are looking to write, share and have fun, by all means, sign-up or continue to write there. However, if you really need a paid to write money-maker, keep looking........

Bubblews is fun and may roll out some new products and concepts soon, however, it is now (January 2015) NOT a realistic form of income.

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